Meaty moved to the outdoor early, high temperature in summer is not afraid, do not shade, good state gaga

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Fleshy moved to outdoor, early summer high temperature will not be afraid, no shade, state gaga so much meat plant itself is very like the sun, because the meaty plant leaves is thick, leaf contains rich chlorophyll, meaty plant only under the enough sunshine for a long time, its state can better, leaves full degree will be more apparent, raise better meat,Not only rely on the individual exquisite maintenance technology, the requirements for the environment is also particularly important.Have more than meat, a time is long, slowly you will find, meaty plant want to put it supplies good, the best way of curing is on the outside, outside dew of meat meat, better ventilation is strong, the sun longer, meaty plant will slowly recover some wild, how hot state in quietly, more and more healthy.With the arrival of spring, the temperature rises very fast, spring is originally a season of recovery of all things, also for plants, but also the most suitable for its growth season, especially in the northern spring, the air is cold, the temperature difference between day and night is also a little big, such an environment, is the most suitable for the succulent raise a good state.There are meaty friends in the home. If the local temperature and night temperature are above 0 degrees, then you can move the meaty meat in the home to outdoor maintenance in advance and put it in a well-ventilated environment. Even if you do not need to spend too much time to take care of it, the hot state must be the best.A lot of people don’t like on the outside to raise much meat, because in summer, shading need give more meat, but also hands-on, which, in fact is totally unnecessary, meaty plant is afraid of sun, it is not adapt to the outdoor lighting environment, under the condition of without the experience of the dew to raise, directly to much meat on the outside, and then will be burned by the sun.Outdoor dew to raise more meat, need a process of ease, if put more meat in outdoor maintenance in spring, so until the summer, high temperature, is you don’t need to worry about, don’t go to tube, let more meat plants weather, the wind or sunshine, waiting for the summer heat, completely don’t need to worry about the high temperature, the meat is still safe to the summer.Outdoor more meat, in fact, the best way of curing is don’t control it, don’t have to give it water, also need not fertilize it, accept the rain moisture, the light of the sun, slowly meaty plant will adapt to the outdoor environment, it can easily cope with the heat of the summer, at least 30 ~ 35 degrees, the temperature is between completely don’t have to worry about.Raising succulent is a process of trying, more to try, they will have more maintenance experience, and need to pay attention to is that in summer, succulent damage is very normal, plant growth will inevitably have death, who can not guarantee their own succulent 100 percent survival.