2022 Set of five blessings can sweep out the dedication of the blessing word summary

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Time has entered February, I believe that the hearts of many friends have flown away, after all, the Spring Festival is coming, the annual alipay sweep also came, you are not only poor dedication to the blessing?The following is a small series for everyone to sort out 2022 set of five blessings can sweep out the blessing word summary, if you like, welcome to share with your friends!2022 sets of wufu can sweep out dedication of everyone summary alipay set 2022, pay treasure to wufu activity time set wufu schedule has been released, will be on November 19, from 1 month – on January 31, during the period of activity, the user opens the alipay APP on the front page to see activity after entrance, so what’s the prize in wufu activity in this year?So let’s get ahead of ourselves.2. First of all, we retained last year’s “Write Fu to grab Fu stickers”, users can continue to send hands to write fu to home for free. The official now says that we have increased production again this year, hoping to send more happiness to everyone through this activity.3, In addition, this year also added a “blessing shop” platform, platform shelves a large number of five blessings customized surrounding, such as printed with the Beast, giant panda, tiger and other “magical species” masks, chicken hand, tiger year fat tiger and digital collections.4, Alipay’s “fuqi shop” also prepared 150 million genuine gifts, all of which can be exchanged with fuka.Play year beast add blessing play rules 1, activity time :2, activity play: users in the synthesis of five blessings can be opened to play year beast, hit year beast can get blessing value, blessing value reached 1000, 6000, 13000, 22000 can be unlocked respectively, full glory, step by step, everything goes well firecrackers,When the user gets the blessing value and upgrades the firecrackers, he can get the red envelope of Tian Fu. Unlocking all firecrackers can get up to 4 Red envelopes of Tian Fu. Unlocking the first red envelope of firecrackers can get the red envelope of Tian Fu 0.66 yuan, with a minimum of 100 million copies.Unlock full House firecrackers can get 1.06 to 1.96 yuan range of red envelopes, 35 million copies: unlock step by step firecrackers can get 2.06 to 2.96 yuan range of red envelopes, 20 million copies;Unlock everything goes well firecrackers have a chance to get up to 666 yuan Tian Fu Qi red packets, starting at 5 million copies.Tian Fu Qi red envelope should be taken before 24 o ‘clock after the initiative can be obtained, overdue do not receive invalid.Tian Fu red envelopes will be distributed with the five blessings lottery red envelopes to the account, after the lottery can be viewed in the “Alipay – bill”, red envelopes to the account may be delayed.3. There is a time limit for users to participate in beating nian Beast in each game. Within the time limit, users can get the blessing value by hitting Nian Beast.4. Users have at least three participation opportunities every day. If they run out of participation opportunities on that day, they can exchange participation opportunities through The Fuka card.5, voice control bureau for sound play, open after the unlock house down firecrackers, voice control bureau three times a day to play nien opportunity, also have the opportunity to get good value, ambient noise or mandarin is not standard, there may be a voice cannot be identified, at the same time there are likely to be part of the mobile phone is not supported, in case of problem, please retry after inspection or replacement of mobile devices.6, every by unfair means (including but not limited to disrupt the system, the implementation of network attack using network method, etc.) to participate in the activities of the user, or a suspected violation behavior (such as money laundering, false trading, cheating, gambling or other brush credit risk trade, etc.), we have the right to terminate its participation, cancel its award-winning qualification, and shall have the right to recovery and the user has won the prize.According to the Page of Alipay, this year’s Alipay Wufu activity will run from 00 PM on January 19, 2022 to 22:00 on January 31, 2022.According to the campaign page, this year’s collection of five blessings has been upgraded to four levels, including: New Year gift: January 31, 22:00 synthesis of five blessings, in addition to 500 million cash red envelopes, there are 20 yuan New Year gift, movie taxi can be used.Blessing shop: Fuka can be good gift, package mail home, in the collection of blessing home page click “my fuka” – “blessing shop” can enter.After collecting, you can open the game of playing the beast in the year. The more the number of games involved, the more the fortune value can be accumulated, unlock more fortune gift box, and get 8. 8 yuan to add fortune red envelope.In addition to the above new gameplay, users can also participate in AR scanning, writing the word “fu”, ant Forest, ant manor, shake, watch “Alipay life Channel”, enter merchants’ Alipay mini program through offline scanning code, and participate in the collection of five blessings in alipay partner channels and other ways to collect lucky cards.The types of fuka obtained include: five blessings: harmony, patriotism, dedication, friendship and prosperity.Function card: Wufu wan, Nengfu card, Wufu Touch, blessing card.Raw shawka, etc.In the activity, the user can give the fouca to friends and relatives, or ask for the gift of not obtained fouca.During the gift process, users can click “Select multiple cards” and give less than or equal to 5 Cards to their friends and relatives at one time.The card mainly access channel (1) AR sweep any blessed everyone card (2) write a blessed everyone share good card (3), the user can through – activities, when the user handwritten everyone finished, click, will share his everyone to relatives and friends (4) blessed forest patrol CARDS (5) the ants blessed estate egg donation card (6) blessed shake card, during the activity,After the user enters -, according to the page prompt operation, the user has the opportunity to shake out the Fuka, every day has the opportunity to get 2 fuka (7) To see the Alipay life channel fuka, users can enter the Alipay life channel to participate in activities through the card or click on the bottom of Alipay