Proud!The opening ceremony of the overburning scene, there are these two Tianjin figure!

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The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 4 became a global hot topic instantly. Whether it is the most environmentally friendly torch ever, or the countdown of the 24 solar terms, the design of subtle points reveals China’s cultural confidence everywhere.In flag admission link 176 delegates standard-bearer passed images that touched a lot of people in the middle of the bird’s nest stage 12 children slowly will be launched in the flag “I and my motherland” rendition of the children pass the flag to 176 representatives from all walks of life around the country and the 56 ethnic groups all the national flag hand hand to mouth pass into the hands of GuoQiBan these representativesQi Fabao, Jing Haipeng, Guo Wangang, Xu Zhenchao, Maimaitijiang Wumaier and Sheng Awei, as well as college students from Minzu University of China representing 56 ethnic groups, people’s police, medical workers, community workers and Courier boys.Two of them are from Tianjin!One of them is Miao Miao, secretary of the Community Party Committee and director of the neighborhood committee in Chaoyang District, Xinxing Street, Heping District. “As a grassroots community worker, I am very excited to participate in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, especially in the sacred link of passing the national flag.”As a community worker, Miao Miao’s greatest sense of achievement is not that she can participate in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, but that she can bring the volunteer spirit to the site of the Winter Olympic Games and show the style of tianjin grassroots community members to the world.”It is a great honor to let the world see our young generation of community workers, young volunteers, we will fight for the motherland, and carry on.”Miao Miao (left) takes part in the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.Miao miao to reporters, said jin cloud after her return to tianjin, will put in the process of the Olympics opening ceremony in learned from YingMo and industry representatives, and feeling after watch the opening ceremony, has good absorption, and continue to work hard on the job, “at this moment, I want to said to the motherland, the motherland, I love you, our motherland will be more and more strong,Every Chinese should strive for it and continue to strive for it!Heart hands linked, together to the future!”And a system of politics and law police he is from our tianjin national advanced worker national super outstanding people’s police of tianjin public security bureau criminal investigation team 13 team captains nine brigade Zhang Xinxin Zhang Xinxin incomparably excited to attend the event to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, and have passed the national flag, I feel very excited and proud.I see the confidence and glory of the Chinese nation from everyone’s face, I believe our country will be more and more powerful, people will be more and more happy!Come on, China!Over the past 20 years, he has been fighting in the front line of criminal investigation work for more than 1000 serious criminal cases scene investigation, providing technical support for the detection of more than 100 homicide cases, and issuing identification reports of more than 2500 without any mistakes. With his excellent business ability, he has won the personal first-class merit once, second-class merit once and third-class merit 4 timesTimes have also won the national special outstanding people’s police national 100 good Interpol tianjin excellent people’s police and other honorary titles let silent material evidence “speak” to expose the truth behind each crime he is Tianjin Interpol Zhang Xinxin for the opening ceremony of each site praise!Proud of these Tianjin figures at the opening ceremony!Come on!