Jining Rencheng District Procuratorate issued the city’s first “Family Education Order”

2022-06-30 0 By

Recently, Jining Rencheng District Procuratorate issued the city’s first “family education order”, urging parents to correctly perform their guardianship duties, assume the main responsibility of family education, to protect the healthy growth of minors.Rencheng District procuratorate discovers when dealing with a larceny case two suspects xiao Long, xiao Chao commit the crime when all department is minor, one month before the crime because of larceny is punished by the administration, do not think of repentance, hold employment again, carry out larceny 5 times successively.The handling prosecutor upholds the concept of “handling a case is handling a life”. After reviewing papers and conducting social investigations, they learned that both of them are only children, and their parents have problems such as spoiled children, lax supervision and lack of legal education.The child is in the rebellious stage of youth and regards theft as a way to seek stimulation. The parents are busy with their work and neglect communication. They fail to pay timely and comprehensive attention to the physical, psychological and emotional changes of the child and fail to correct them in time.On January 1, 2022, the Family Education Promotion Law came into effect, elevating family education from a “family matter” to a “state matter”.Aiming at the condition of the absence of little dragon, small family education, rencheng procuratorate to little dragon, small super and distributing the family education guidance to parents, to undertake the prosecutor on family education, parents in family education, family responsibility, effective communication, cultivating good family trait, completes the life plan to communicate with parents, the behavior of delayed in started to pay against,Guide parents to set up the correct concept of family education, master the correct method of family education, fulfill the responsibility of family education according to law, and create a harmonious family atmosphere.Source: Procuratorate of Rencheng District, Jining City