Gathering the power of rural revitalization with cultural people: Huantan Village of Xiaoshan District was awarded as Hangzhou photography Village

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Reporter Sun Leyi recently, 2021 Hangzhou photography town (village, post) awarding ceremony was held in Hangzhou, Xiaoshan District Evolution town Huantan village was named as the photography village.Huantan Village, located on the east bank of puyang River and at the west foot of Kuaiji Mountain, is the hinterland of ancient Yue civilization with beautiful mountains and beautiful ancient rhyming.There are many historic sites in the village, there are about 30,000 square meters of ancient buildings in Ming and Qing dynasties, among which laoyangfang, Wubentang and Erqiao Library are provincial cultural protection units of Zhejiang Province, and there are more than ten municipal cultural protection units of Hangzhou.Km Huan Tan street meandering, ancient trees, ancient Wells, ancient lane, temple dotted.By restoring the original function of the buildings and retaining the original residents in the ancient buildings, Huantan “reappears” the life of the Southern Song Dynasty in Huantan. On this basis, the “five Meanings” culture, which has been formed for hundreds of years, is deeply explored and endowed with the connotation of the new era, so that it becomes the unique spiritual culture of the villagers in Huantan and becomes a cultural man.Surrounded by green mountains and clear waters, huantan Village, Evolutionary town, Xiaoshan District, is a thousand-year-old ancient village with unique historical and cultural characteristics in the south of the Yangtze River.According to the historical context and resource characteristics, Huantan Village constantly enriches and optimizes the photography resources in the village, organizes photography competitions and photography collection activities from time to time, and creates a good guarantee mechanism and photography service system for photography lovers while creating a demonstration model of rural revitalization.Editor Sun Leyi