Three of the high IQ abdomen black military marriage text, cold Xu Police hold up a wife, full screen small red star

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There are thousands of good books that you can’t see!What is terrible is that there is no good recommendation officer. As a fan of novels for many years, XIAobian would like to point out a new way to find good books quickly.Like to remember to collect oh, let’s say goodbye to the book shortage.Today xiaobian to recommend: three of the high IQ abdomen black military marriage text, cold and xu detective wife has a set, full screen small red star.The first: “the United States artificial filling” author: Ding Mo introduction: three high intelligence quotient abdomen black military marriage text, cold Xu Police secretary hold up his wife has a set, full screen small red star.In front of outsiders, Han Shen this man, has always been handsome cold, strangers do not close.He is as white and cold as frost and snow, and as calm and moving as night water.He is an unattainable absolute male god in the eyes of all.Only in front of the white Jinxi, the famous move the world of a police superintendent, will be exposed to hide very deep rogue essence.”Sit down, I won’t eat you.At least not now.”Enter pit guide: his tone is firm, white jinxi then know affirmation can’t persuade him, hence also respect inferior to obey, nod and smile way: “line, that hard you run a trip, thank!”Then the main course arrives.Xu Sibai always do not love to talk when eating, white Jinxi also used to, two people quietly eat up.According to the previous practice, two people after dinner, also go home or to work overtime, very efficient.Who knows today just immersed in eating for a while, suddenly for the first time heard him open: “Jin Xi.”Jinxi looked up.He put down his knife and fork and sat up straight with his hands on his knees.On her white cheeks, there was a blush.His eyes were fixed on her.”I’ve always had a rather dull personality since I was a child.””I’ve never had a girlfriend and I’ve always planned to be single.Because I think life with two people might not be for me.”White Jinxi stared at him.He continued, “But…People’s thoughts and feelings change, and these changes are out of their control.I want to…I should probably get a girlfriend.”(Click below to read it for free.) Second book: Doctor Goes to Police By: Chell Introduction: What is it, watching you in the dark?What is it, a quiet wave of blood on the edge of the city?One is a plain-looking surgeon with a sharp brain.One is a loyal and courageous and progressive criminal investigation captain.Yang wenbin’s hands no longer tremble, his eyes drooping, his Adam’s apple sliding up and down, “but for what?””For justice.”Yan junli smiles. “I know it sounds cliche and childish, but it’s the real deal.You seek the truth, not just for those who are dead and murdered, but for so many who are alive and worried.So we can and we must bring those responsible to justice, not for the dead, but for the living and for ourselves.”Yang wenbin opened his mouth, but finally nothing came out. Instead, his eyes were moist. He quickly turned his face to the other side, just in time to see a light outside the hospital window.”The sun is coming up.”Yan junli said quietly. “Soon.”After a long night of waiting, the lights in the emergency room finally changed color, Yang Wenbin and Yan Junli stood up from the bench at the same time, the door opened and out came a doctor wearing a mask. The doctor looked at them strangely and asked, “Are you the patient’s family?”Brief introduction: In front of the emergency building of the Military General Hospital, there were carts, oxygen and other medical equipment. Several doctors and nurses in white coats stopped to look around the glass door with solemn looks.Into the pit guide: early summer do not know Liang Muze exactly long a pair of what kind of eyes, her every move, thoughts and thoughts in his eyes as if all unreal into words, he can clearly know her thoughts and thoughts.Liang Muze did not say a word, took her medicine box, took the lead in opening the door to go out, at the beginning of summer in place leng for a long time, if it were not for two meow rubbing her ankle, I do not know what to make confused.Together they returned to the remote village to see the childless old man.At the beginning of summer, I took enough conventional medicine, but she was not sure how effective it would be. Heart disease and high blood pressure are not diseases that can be eliminated by medicine.The last time they had been there, the old man had been in a coma and did not even know of this man.Later, when she recovered, Li er told her that Liang Muze had come, and that he had brought with him a beautiful young doctor with a very pleasant name, Xia Chu.This time, finally see the early summer himself, the old man is particularly happy, from the early summer door has been holding her hand.For what the old man said, the beginning of summer always some understanding can not.At the beginning of summer, I made up my mind to catch up on hakka after I got back. I couldn’t always bring my translator with me, and I was not very willing to be a translator.Early summer to the old man to do a routine examination, is still the old problem, not how easy to solve the old problem.(Click below to read for free) Today we will first recommend here, xiaobian continue to try to give you a book, what do you want to say to xiaobian?At the end of the article below the comment area, xiaobian will be very serious to see oh, there is a good novel can also tell xiaobian oh, looking forward to your message and attention.Past period wonderful review: three old bookish recommended potter with humanity, one breath read three, simply too cool three quickly wear black change disease charming article, the deranged male hero of black change let a person can not partake, want to be abused to cry three more desire of ancient speech disease charming article, cold he again and again difficult to hold oneself, can only convict her in the side