Before you have fun, here are 6 questions about myopia

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Winter vacation + Spring Festival, at home “high” highlight moment.However, playing with the phone for a while, staring at the phone, eyes can not enjoy up.Children, in particular, can become little glasses if they are not careful.Everyone for the baby hold broken heart parents, quickly the knowledge of myopia up!1. Will myopia improve if you insist on not wearing glasses?Many parents think that if myopia has not been wearing glasses, the degree will not develop, vision will be improved.This idea is not correct.In principle, if the child is nearsighted, the naked eye vision is poor, it is necessary to wear glasses;If the naked eye vision is better, myopia below 100 degrees, you can temporarily do not wear glasses, regular observation;For children with myopia above 100 degrees, glasses should be worn.If myopia insist on not wearing glasses, but will accelerate the development of myopia.Children’s eyes have a strong ability to adjust, myopia children do not wear glasses, when looking far fuzzy, will use their ability to adjust to see distant objects, if for a long time, will lead to visual fatigue, dry eye disease, and will speed up the progress of myopia.2. Does myopic glasses wear degree more really bigger?Many parents have a misunderstanding that the more myopia glasses wear the greater the degree.Actually, the degree of myopic growth is not to wear glasses to cause, but by long close distance with the eye, visual fatigue causes eye shaft growth and bring about.Myopia glasses can provide clear vision for children with myopia, reduce visual fatigue, and slow down the development of myopia to a certain extent.3. Match myopic glasses, should the degree be small?Some parents worry that the myopia degree of the child is too big, like low correction to match a lens when matching.This is wrong.The principle of fitting glasses is to choose the lowest degree as long as you can see clearly.And the premise that this sees clearly is visual acuity reaches 1.0, this time the adjustment of the eye is most relaxed, see object also most comfortable.If the vision does not meet this standard, fatigue will be emphasized, resulting in the further development of myopia.4. What are the correct ways to alleviate myopia?For children without myopia, the internationally recognized method is to increase outdoor exercise time, more than 2 hours a day, or at least 40 minutes of outdoor exercise can effectively prevent the occurrence of myopia.Outdoor exercise is also important for children who are nearsighted.At the same time, scientific methods can be adopted for prevention and control, such as the use of orthokeratology or low-concentration atropine eye drops, but each method also has its limitations, the specific should be combined with their own situation, listen to the advice of professional doctors.5. Myopic need not control, do a laser operation to go?To adolescent myopia, the most important is to control its development, avoid the occurrence of high myopia or pathological myopia.High myopia can cause glaucoma, fundus hemorrhage, retinal detachment and other serious eye diseases, and has become the primary cause of blindness.So adolescent myopia prevention and control is very necessary.The method of laser surgery to treat myopia has been very mature and safe, but it is just equivalent to a pair of glasses on the surface of the eye, and can not improve the fundus situation, so it can be understood that the operation just helps us to remove the glasses, but not cure myopia.6. Can myopia be cured?Look at present, myopic cannot cure, once be sure true sex myopic, what we can do is to control its development as far as possible, avoid deepen degree further, cause fundus pathological changes.No matter be laser operation or crystal operation, cannot change the circumstance of fundus, cannot cure myopia fundamentally thereby.Author: Li Li, Director of ophthalmology, Beijing Children’s Hospital, Capital Medical University Review: Wei Wenbin, expert of National Health Science Database and chief physician, Beijing Tongren Hospital, Capital Medical UniversityIf the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: