Always “avoid” being Liu Xuezhou!Liu Xin before the second trial voice: not innocent, give me death!

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How to define good and bad, good people may become bad, bad people may do good, if a thing and most people’s values conflict, then this thing can be defined as bad, selfish people will always find a scapegoat, but this evil once exposed, will be rejected.February 17, song jiang mother Sue liu to warm the sunrise jiang song right infringement cases criminal trial, the trial before giano accepted the interview, she said she did not have the hope of life, but no matter how to want to stand up and show the truth, a judge her damages of nearly 700000 is completely wrong, she could not accept, in the five years she suffered huge network violence,She has always avoided becoming the next liu Xuezhou. If the verdict is upheld in the second trial, Liu xin says it will be difficult for her to live.Rebekah said, shortly after, song jiang mother kept asking her case, she explained their situation, insist on not associated with case, song jiang mother to her, and then through the network to spread the case information, for the former boyfriend are caught, rebekah said their credit, but their song jiang mother into the forefront of public opinion, if bass notes,The release of transcripts of the chat may confirm Mr Liu’s claims.Went to Japan to study abroad, bass said, parents spent his life savings, then someone harassment, cause she couldn’t complete their studies, returned home to make money for girlfriends, song jiang mother to support her, bass said, their first monthly salary of 2800 yuan, the highest time once took 8000 yuan, but in August 2017, lost his job,Because Jiang Ge mother knew her work address, constantly go to the company, Liu Xin was also fired.Rebekah work during this time, that is, song jiang mother rebekah exposure beer and skittles, song jiang killed, rebekah safe return home, find a job a happy, and at that time jiang song’s case has not yet started, bass didn’t have Jiang Qiulian empathy, those pictures, song jiang mother is very cruel, but rebekah completely unaware.On May 21, 2017, song jiang mother exposes rebekah’s family, because lost her 200 days, she didn’t get rebekah provide facts, but rebekah refused to meet, rebekah daughter mother reproached dies, but rebekah responded that if Jiang Qiulian don’t delete articles, she even die for girlfriends can’t be a witness, and rebekah his mother,However, Liu xin said that she was only angry with Jiang Qiulian for her short life, while her mother said jiang Ge’s short life was just a statement of fact, which was angry after jiang qiulian angered her.Rebekah said, in early 2018, a net friend said that can help to talk to her, and then put forward to help her do social accounts, but didn’t know each other with their own account sent to stimulate the content of the song jiang mother constantly, when rebekah detection, are too late, can’t find the net friend, this is flawed, even if can’t find the net friend to confront the original chat logs are,Why not send it out to prove yourself?To send a happy family, rebekah said do your hair, because want to song jiang mother walked out of the sadness, then through the New Year’s day to send a message, but a misnomer consider owe weeks, this argument is absurd, song jiang mother lost their only child, and have already divorce, leaves his home, rebekah send a happy family, this is the wound top sa salt,A graduate student doesn’t have this common sense, so what she said is inconceivable.Rebekah thought oneself not wrong from beginning to end, song jiang mother charged her very difficult to understand, Jiang Qiulian lay the murderer not to pursue, has been silenced her, rebekah said his parents are ordinary people, he had been unable to find a job, and also was found guilty of compensation, she and her family despair, bass said, oneself to fall in love and break up, not the cause of girlfriends murdered.If a second trial is upheld, oneself really only a dead end, you have no retreat, but he hasn’t done are thought to be true, he has been to avoid becoming Liu Xuezhou by network violence to death, is want to kill her, public opinion from the beginning, rebekah selfish behavior has laid the seeds for today’s results,The moral bottom line in China cannot accept such a person’s behavior, so Liu xin’s defeat in court is a sure thing.What do you think of Liu Xin’s argument? Share your opinion in the comments below!