10 years later, which area of the house is more desirable?Now you finally have the answer. Did you make the right choice?

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In the past few years, the real estate market continued to heat up, both the unit price and the total price of the house went up.As the saying goes, buy up don’t buy down, so a lot of home buyers in a hot mind, under the urging of the sales staff, haven’t had time to figure out their needs, as well as the quality of the selected housing, has started to deal with the purchase procedures.As a result, many people are not satisfied with the house and feel regret after buying it.For an ordinary family, buying a house is a big deal, after all, it is a large amount of money, so we must be careful.And the real estate market in the past two years, the phenomenon of slow cooling.Coupled with the national adherence to the “housing not speculation” and launched a series of regulation and control policies, the real estate market gradually tilted to the buyer’s market.In this way, buyers have plenty of time to think about their own needs and find a good living environment for themselves and their families.So for our long-term homes, what is the right size for the next 10 years?Experts put forward three suggestions, strongly recommend 89 square three bedroom two bathroom residential buildings.It’s no surprise that there are many factors to consider when buying a home.In addition to considering the housing distribution of family members, the choice of living location and environment, floor, housing pattern and other issues, but also need to consider their own economic status.Because this cannot consider big family housing only, although very capacious, daylighting is good, air is current good, but cleanness rises extremely troublesome, do not sweep for a long time can appear very dirty and disorderly again, maintain neat hard.However, can not only save money, buy family model, pattern is too compact house.Although clean, the living conditions are cramped.Relatives and friends come to visit, or a new addition to the population, will appear to live in the situation, personal space is not guaranteed, we will be very embarrassed.And 89 square three room house, it is very good to solve the above living problems, at the same time cleverly save later taxes, maintenance funds and other related costs.Buy a favorite house, in addition to the early to pay a huge amount of money, there are a lot of taxes and fees to pay, including deed tax and maintenance fund, and the charge of deed tax is divided into three standards.First of all, the area of the house is less than 90 square meters, according to 1% collection.Next is the house this area is 90 square meters — 144 square meters between, according to 1.5% charge.Finally, if the house cost area is greater than 144 square meters, 3% will be charged.So let’s calculate the price of 10,000 yuan per square meter for comparison, 89 square meter house, then need to pay 8,900 yuan deed tax.A 90-144-square-meter house will have to pay 13,500 yuan to 21,450 yuan.For a 144-square-meter apartment, the tax will be 21,600 yuan.Because this expert recommends the house of 89 square metre 3 rooms, it is certain scientific basis, at least can save nearly 10 thousand dollars.See 89 smooth rice is a dividing line not hard so, crossed this line duty fee increases rapidly.And besides gas fee still have maintenance fund to want to pay, maintenance fund should see whether there is an elevator.It’s 75 yuan per square meter without an elevator, and 120 yuan per square meter with an elevator.So the maintenance fund of a house is about 6000 yuan — 10000 yuan, compared to the housing of a large area, but also saved a lot of money.Two, practical – the space is reasonable and 89 flat three-bedroom in addition to save money, space layout is quite reasonable, and the room rate is quite high.Remove the elevator, corridor and other shared area, the actual living area is also above 80 square meters.So 80 square meters divided into three rooms, two bathrooms and a hall is more than enough, and can take care of a family of 3-6 People’s Daily life.Nowadays, most people go out to work every day. After a hard day’s work, they just sit on the sofa and watch TV or chat with their families to improve their relationship.Therefore, the three bedrooms occupy an area of 35 square meters is also very reasonable, and everyone has private space.And 3 people — 6 people’s family, two toilet occupies 10 square area, also solved the family to go to the toilet dilemma in the morning.Kitchen, sitting room total 15 square, come sitting room 20 square meters so, neither waste area also won’t appear cramped.For a family of three, an 89-square-meter house is a happy one and should be very comfortable.One for the couple, one for the children, and one for the study, guest room, utility room and so on.If you want a second child, the third will all work.If you want to live with an old person, you can also live in a room for two old people and two children, and it can be changed into a beautiful children’s room.Therefore, 89 square three-bedroom, to deal with the current living situation is the best, while the next 10 years will also have the value preservation, appreciation of the possibility.In view of the current economic situation or personal life, buying a house is just a necessity for many people. Some people buy a house for their children to go to a better school, some buy a house for marriage, and some buy a house for the convenience of work.So there is a lot of uncertainty everywhere, and a house that you plan to live in for a lifetime is largely unrealistic for young people.And with the increase of income and the constant change of family members, it is inevitable that one day they will sell their house and buy a new one.At the same time, many people buy a house as an investment in the future, waiting for a good time to sell.And 89 flat three-bedroom is undoubtedly the most popular apartment in the market, the area is enough, the total price for most people can afford, and can save a lot of taxes and fees.And now the real estate market, gradually smooth, to achieve a soft landing of real estate.And the house of a lot of big family because total price is too high, a few people dare not touch easily, and to the house of small and medium family everybody likes all the more.So the big house should not be circulated for cash, if rashly buy the future is bound to be locked up, not to sell.And the bigger the house, the more expensive it will be to own, because there will be annual payments for property, maintenance, heating, etc., which are only part of the overall cost.With the gradual implementation of real estate tax, in the hands of large area apartment owners, is bound to pay more real estate tax.Many may be dragged down before they can sell their homes.So if you’re currently living in an 89-square-meter home, congratulations, there’s room for appreciation and easy resale.In the past two years, the impact of the epidemic and national policies has declined.But in the long run, as long as the economy continues to appreciate, housing prices are bound to rise slowly as well.After all, China’s supply and demand is more balanced, but not as crazy as a few years ago.Therefore, we can not blindly buy a house, still need to be cautious, according to their own economic situation.They should also consider economic changes in the next 10 years, consult experts’ opinions, and buy the house they like scientifically and rationally.So here also want to ask you, according to the experts to buy a house advice, do you think you choose the right?