Wisdom ward full of “black technology” west China Tianfu Hospital hospitalization business officially opened

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Mr. Wei, a patient living in Chengdu, visited the urology department of West China Tianfu Hospital last year. After the doctor issued an admission certificate, he had been looking forward to the opening of the inpatient ward.Today, Mr. Wei finally came to the west China Tianfu hospital admission service center of the telephone, informed him to be admitted today, he is also west China Tianfu hospital the first inpatient.It is understood that today, a total of 7 patients from the department of urology were admitted to hospital, which marks the official opening of west China Tianfu Hospital inpatient business.In the morning, the reporter also came to west China Tianfu hospital, look at the new open hospital building hidden in what “black technology”.In order to make patients feel the convenience and intelligence of admission, West China Tianfu Hospital has created a one-stop admission booking platform, which replaces patients’ running with “machine running”, “information running” and “data running”.Learned, west China hospital the department or huaxi tianfu tianfu hospital admission certificate can be issued huaxi hospital, patients can be admitted by scanning the qr code indicated on the certificate of admission to register, but can be by China medical APP, sichuan university, west China hospital of tianfu WeChat public number, and the clinic area self-service machine self-help registration in the form of the four or manually in the center of the hospital service registration.After registration, the admission service center can see the use of all beds in the hospital, manage them uniformly, sign beds according to the order of admission registration and the severity of critical condition, and inform patients by SMS.Patients can fill in the information related to admission at home. After coming to the hospital, they can pay the pre-payment and check the daily list of patients through the self-service machine of the inpatient building, the wechat official account of West China Tianfu Hospital and the China Medical Pass APP.In order to better serve patients, West China Tianfu Hospital has started four full-process drills of inpatient services since January 12, 2022. All clinical departments, medical technology platform departments, admission service center, medical auxiliary center and functional departments have actively participated in the drills.The drill covers many procedures, such as outpatient and emergency admission, inpatient examination, examination, prescription (withdrawal), consultation, blood transfusion, surgery, transfer, specimen transfer, patient transfer, discharge (refund), etc.On February 10, an emergency drill was also carried out for inpatients, including sample collection and transfer, nucleic acid testing, preliminary diagnosis, expert consultation, epidemic reporting, emergency response plan, patient transfer, emergency surgery and cleaning and disinfection.Sichuan university huaxi tianfu, vice President of the hospital, west China hospital uropoiesis surgical department professor jin tao said, as a newly opened hospital, huaxi tianfu hospital also need to constantly improve all aspects of business process, the whole process drill plays a very important role, “in practice, for war, to find our the problems existing in the process in hospital, response and improve immediately,Only in this way can patients better feel the high-quality medical services of Huaxi brand and feel the safe and smooth treatment process.””In the past, we used to make ward rounds by pushing mobile trailers to record patients’ conditions manually, but now we can know patients’ conditions at the nurses’ station through electronic screens, so that treatment will be more accurate, convenient and efficient.”Secreting urine surgery a nurse said.As a highly intelligent hospital, West China Tianfu Hospital is constructed in accordance with the all-bed intelligent mode, so all beds are equipped with bedside interaction system, intelligent infusion system and call system, which will realize the functions of doctors, nurses and patients to write medical orders, check fees, order meals and hire nurses.Patients can also enjoy fast and convenient smart services by clicking the “smart screen” at the bedside to call medical staff, video visit, bedside education, check medical advice, and fee settlement.All clocks and business systems in the bedside equipment and aisle are connected to the Beidou satellite system to ensure that the time of all cases is consistent.At the same time, ICU and other areas have installed an integrated remote visitation system to reduce the difficulty of visiting patients and avoid the risk of infection.In order to maintain the medical homogeneity with west China headquarters, all wards are uniformly equipped with remote joint saloons for joint ward rounds, remote consultation and multi-subject consultation with West China Hospital anytime and anywhere.Meanwhile, all operating rooms are built according to the standard of smart operating rooms.60 ICU wards, 1200 beds, 66 operating rooms, and 60 ICU wards show the determination of West China Tianfu Hospital to build a world-class ICU.In order to achieve “zero tolerance” for nosocomial infections, all 60 wards in the Intensive Care Unit of West China Tianfu Hospital are single rooms, and 3 of them are specially designed isolation wards, which can cut off the risk of cross-infection from the source.In addition, every ward, laboratory and catering room are equipped with air disinfection machines to ensure that every patient breathes fresh air after entering.Through the carefully designed observation island, medical staff can carry out comprehensive, round-the-clock observation of patients and reduce the disturbance to patients.The intelligent system is a second set of eyes for the medical staff.Under the innovative mode of “critical care chain management”, the data of all monitors, ventilators and even electric beds in ICU of West China Tianfu Hospital can be collected in real time through the intelligent system, and the central monitoring system and early warning system can automatically identify life-threatening conditions of patients.Information analysis of patients in general wards in hospitals can identify potential severe patients at the earliest time.Due to the potential risks inherent in the transport of critically ill patients, ICU of West China Tianfu Hospital has special bedside CT machines, X-ray machines, portable ultrasound and rapid testing laboratories, so that patients can complete most important examinations at bedside in ICU.Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter Yang Su editor Song Hexiao proofread Li Min statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn