Surprise benefits to Beijing Hafu M6 maximum discount 5.13%, looking forward to your visit

2022-06-28 0 By

This week’s latest car market, Hafer M6, Beijing Boshilian shop car purchase discount of 40,000 yuan 02.01-02.01, watching hafer M6 friends, the opportunity is rare, do not hesitate,Don’t miss the opportunity to start the promotion time from February 01, 2022 to February 01, 2022 Hafo M6 latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Beijing quotation PLUS 1.5T DCT luxury intelligent type 87,900 yuan 0.400 yuan 83,900 yuan PLUS 1.5TDCT Elite smart link model 81,900 RMB 0.400 RMB 77,900 RMB PLUS 1.5T Manual Luxury smart link model 77,900 RMB 0.400 RMB 73,900 RMB PLUS 1.5T manual Elite smart link model 71,900 RMB 0.300 RMB 68,900 RMB PLUS 1.5TPLUS 1.5T DCT Willow rock co-branded version 89,900 yuan 0.01yuan 89,800 yuan PLUS 1.5T manual Willow rock co-branded version 79,900 yuan 0.01yuan 79,800 yuan