Setting a new example of sustainable development

2022-06-28 0 By

The “Water Cube” has been transformed into an “ice cube”. In 2008, the temporary “hockey field” was built into the “ice ribbon” of the National Speed Skating Stadium. The industrial heritage facilities were reused to build the Shougang Ski jumping platform, turning the former heavily polluted base into the winter Olympics base.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games embodies the concept of sustainable development in venue construction, event operation and other aspects.Maximize the use of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium heritage, to achieve the perfect integration of industrial heritage and the Olympic Games…These utilization and transformation have carried out the concept of economical hosting of the Olympic Games and reduced the operating costs of the Winter Olympics.The venues will not only meet the demand of events during the Winter Olympics, but also continue to play a role after the event, serving the development of national fitness and regional social and economic development.The implementation of the concept comes from the institutional guarantee of top-level design.In 2020, the IOC, IPC and BOCOG simultaneously released the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Sustainability Plan, which sets the framework for the overall sustainability vision of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games.In fact, relevant parties in the design of the Winter Olympics venues, the future use of venues as one of the core goals, the use of new venues after the game has been taken into account.It is fair to say that the concept of sustainable development runs through all aspects of the bid, preparation and hosting.Beijing 2022 Olympic And Paralympic Winter Games environmental Legacy Report (2022) shows that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has formed important legacy achievements in three aspects: ecological environment, low-carbon Olympics and sustainable management.The positive significance of this sustainability also lies in encouraging 300 million people to participate in ice sports, enabling more people to enjoy ice sports, spreading and promoting the Olympic spirit, and guiding more people to adopt a healthy and civilized lifestyle.The series of practices of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are a new model for the implementation of the Olympic sustainable development strategy and regional sustainable development, and will undoubtedly provide important experience for future Olympic events.(Zang Mengya)