Ready for action, quick response | forward stationing and acting on orders to focus on mission and strengthen combat readiness

2022-06-28 0 By

In order to further enhance the fire and rescue personnel ready, quick response awareness, comprehensively improve the team emergency support comprehensive response ability, recently, Zhangye Detachment Liancheng garrison team closely organized emergency support combat readiness pull drill.As a Chinese saying goes, “When the troops and horses are still, food and grass should go first.”Gansu Corps attached great importance to its emergency support capability and combat readiness awareness. Considering the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control and the fact that frequent fires occurred during the holidays, the corps organized the drill without warning.During the drill, the emergency support team of the garrison troops strictly followed the pre-plan, focusing on disaster notification, rapid response of the troops, carrying supplies and equipment, preparation of epidemic prevention materials, daily drug allocation, and replenishment of supplies for the troops.The leader of the emergency support group reported the situation accurately, with clear thinking, strict organization and standard process. The team members responded quickly and were full of spirit, and could skillfully report the carrying situation of combat readiness materials, which fully demonstrated the high morale and excellent style of the team members.After the drill, the garrison team commented on the drill situation in time, pointed out the existing problems, put forward rectification measures, detailed requirements, and improved the professional combat ability of all the members.The pulling exercise effectively enhanced team coordination and emergency support capabilities.Going forward, the garrison team will continue to make preparations for emergency support, timely improve support plans, strengthen training and drills, and increase equipment and material reserves, laying a solid foundation for the team to carry out its mission.