Early spring is wrapped in late winter

2022-06-28 0 By

Often, the first month is in the early spring wrapped by winter, and many days are still in cold rain and fog.There was a wind, but not a bitter one;There was rain, but it was not pouring rain.Every day, rain or thread, like a few words, drips and drips, threads and strands, immersed in the front of the early spring, wet this outdoor green gracilaria and road leaves.And the haze is endless every day in the winding has been the spring of the first month.In this way, the taste of the end of winter has been stuttering, trembling, interspersed with shade or sunshine, rain or fog.And double holidays, probably still in the New Year’s season, mood is still feeling the slow time.Yes, winter is still there, and spring is still in the future, from the silent and bald furrows of the road.Only, some of the new season, is the green mist silk rain these winter leaves Holly, and a little more spirit than yesterday.Then, if you look back at time again, you will find that time is so fast!Although, the rhythm of spring has to rehearse for a long time to let the new leaves show green, spring flowers spit bud, the pace of time in the persistent and orderly move forward.Three days later, it will be the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival.