Today, I want to send my blessing to you

2022-06-27 0 By

Ugly Yin intersection, some people in the journey home, some people in preparation for the festival table, lights in the thousands of people are still busy at work.When the old year is out and the New Year is in, the blessing will fly to every place of the motherland.And today, I want to send my blessing to the lovely you.Over the past year, we have seen you bright in the crowd.Like diligent old cattle, steadfast, brave, independent, strong, can stand loneliness……You treat your work with ingenuity, your family with care, and you think least about yourself.COVID-19 comes and goes from time to time, and you always act immediately.No matter how cold or hot, early or late at night, we organized nucleic acid tests to appease children who had been vaccinated.When order needs to be maintained, you volunteer: “Instead of everyone else waiting, why don’t I step up first?”In every seemingly ordinary job, you go out early and come home late.Whether they are stationed in the border areas or continue to help villagers in poverty-alleviation villages, whether they are engaged in scientific research, Internet industry, farming in the fields, busy among chickens, ducks and geese, whether they are driving trucks to deliver goods at night or riding express cars in every street……Your tireless work reflects the vividness and strength of ordinary people.You protect the rule of law and hope that fairness and justice can be shown for every citizen.You carefully restore the cultural relics everywhere, explain the exhibits to the children in the museum, let the civilization buried for thousands of years shine brightly in each heart…Your perseverance has made the future of the country closely linked to the expectations of the people.It is a drop of ordinary water, together into a magnificent sea;A common screw, twisted into a strong unity;One by one, the silent “you” form a majestic “we”, together to push the ship on the new journey to sail.As you close the door on the old year, you are much older, much more mature, and have the wisdom and courage to experience precious life, pursue your inner aspirations, and realize the values that every ordinary person can shine.The bell of the Lunar New Year is about to ring, and the Year of the Tiger is coming soon.I would like to wish each of you will usher in a new atmosphere, dragon teng Tiger yue, Tiger Hu sheng wei.I want to wish you a life of love and justice and fun and love.Work hard and live hard.Even the meager strength, can also add a social integrity;Even if it is a short fragment, also can melt each other’s kindness.Whether you laugh often or are bitter, sweet, persistent, confident and strong, you are the best.The New Year’s Eve was drawing near.You are still at work, please give yourself a cup of hot tea;New Year’s Day in other places you, please believe that the end of the world at this time of care;Every day between work and parenting mode keep changing, please stick the Spring Festival couplets with your children to share the peaceful and auspicious time.No matter when and where, we would like to bless countless “you” : believe in tomorrow, come on together!According to Xinhua