Suining listed 4!Sichuan released a list of agricultural plant protection service organizations

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Recently, sichuan provincial department of agriculture and rural areas website published the province the third batch of “five have achieved” eppo socialized service organizations on a review of the list with a total of 36 eppo socialized service organizations for suining list four province the third batch of “five have achieved” eppo socialized service organizations on a review of the list (in no particular order) advocates agricultural machinery professional cooperatives of mianyang city earth obviously new agricultural farm machinery specializedAs a club of mianyang tourism fairy area new roche agricultural machinery professional cooperatives jinhui biological engineering co., LTD., zitong county in sichuan flat strong agricultural science and technology co., LTD., zitong county xingyuan plant protection professional cooperatives rong county with HSBC service of agricultural machinery professional cooperatives mr.zhang miyi wellhope agricultural materials co., LTD hejiang city wins cattle agricultural machinery professional cooperatives xuyong cooling hole glutinous rice planting professional cooperatives of mianzhu grainMianzhu city agricultural materials co., LTD assumed the plant protection professional cooperatives in deyang city, this 25-year-old agricultural machinery professional cooperatives li &fung grain planting millet farmer professional cooperatives deyang deyang city agricultural science and technology co., LTD. Deyang city luo jun Ming deyang city of agricultural mechanization service professional cooperatives, agricultural plant protection co., LTD., fly against the plant protection professional cooperatives in guanghan zhongjiang NongYou plant protection professional cooperatives suining city mountainArea shot hong jun plow plant protection professional cooperatives city worlds to agricultural machinery professional cooperatives shot hong city grams of agricultural machinery professional cooperatives to shoot first hong city private agricultural machinery service professional cooperatives anyue county spring autumn agricultural machinery professional cooperatives yibin embellish agricultural materials sales co., LTD., yibin eagle agricultural materials co., LTD. Nanchong takatsubo district east view town MAO kang jun xuanhan county plant protection professional cooperatives macro agricultural machinery service professional cooperativesDazhu supply and marketing agricultural service co., LTD. Hanyuan county quicksand river fruit cultivation professional cooperatives plow freely in sichuan agricultural science and technology development co., LTD, bazhong en su Yang district China plant professional cooperatives nanjiang green to protect agricultural materials chain co., LTD., pingchang HuiXiang rice cultivation professional cooperatives meishan city product high land managed agricultural machinery specialized cooperative society dong ying xin SCM comprehensive service co., LTD. Plant protection namelyPlant protection, agriculture mainly involves the monitoring of crop diseases and insect pests, prevention and control work.”Five good” standards include: a standardized organization, a sound management system, a complete staffing, a professional technical plan, a strong ability to operate;The service work is carried out well, the disease and insect control effect is good, the pesticide dosage is controlled well, the farmer is satisfied with the reputation is good, the service organization benefit is good.It is reported that the evaluation through independent declaration, county screening, city and state recommendation, expert evaluation, provincial evaluation and other processes, the selection aims to promote the socialization of agricultural services, cultivate and strengthen the socialization of plant protection service organizations, improve the unified control of crop diseases and insect pests level.Source: Chuan Guan news reporter Shi Xiaolu