The Lantern Festival worship toilet god, to meet the “women’s federation director” Zi Gu to earth, ancient women really play

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In the joy of the People in the Lantern Festival, there are many rich folk entertainment activities, such as watching lanterns, guessing riddles on the lanterns, walking all kinds of diseases and so on, but have you heard of worship toilet god, welcome zi Gu?Don’t doubt it, it’s true.According to the records of “Different Garden” written by Liu Jingshu in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, the toilet god was named Zi Gu, a concubine in ancient times. Because she was beautiful, she was envied by her wife, who arranged her to clean toilets and do all kinds of dirty work.The concubine mingled with grief and anger, and passed away on the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival.Posterity in memory of her, she was named toilet god.In the Book of Visions, the toilet god is more detailed.Said she is laiyang people, named he Mei, word Li Qing, nickname Zi Gu.Zi Gu from childhood to know the book, married to a actor.However, Li Jing, the governor of Shouyang, coached after her beauty, so he killed her husband and made her his concubine.Zi Gu was young and beautiful. Li Jing’s first wife was so jealous that she strangled her to death in the toilet on the night of the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.The Emperor of Heaven took pity on Zi Gu and named her toilet God.It is said that the toilet god can take the blame for misfortune and good fortune, all the farming, weaving, bearing children and so on, she can tell in advance.Therefore, the Lantern Festival people greet zi Gu offering toilet god, the purpose is to ask zi Gu more blessing.In the folk, before welcoming the toilet goddess Zi Gu, you must clean the pigsty and toilet.Then the figure dressed as zigu, horse dung as a sacrifice, singing and dancing to greet zigu.In the Qing Dynasty, there was a practice of dressing up as a zigu with a broom.”Capital Zuoji” records “our broom coat red clothes, qi Song horse dung incense;A year to wish, first worship zigu busy.”Poem bet cloud: “leap of the first month with a broom flower arrangement dress, meet Zigu god in the side, to account for the rest.”The content and purpose of welcoming Ziguo everywhere are just two points.One is divination sericulture and many things.According to The Qing Dynasty Gu Lu “Qing Jialu” records, “Wang Evening welcome Zigu, commonly known as the pit three niang, ask the rest of the year.This occupation of ト is similar to popular shamans in the Ming and Qing dynasties.Jiangsu and Zhejiang area to welcome zigu account ト, commonly used dustpan decoration women head nochai ring, then plug in gorgeous flowers, pan mouth with a silver chai, first sacrifice in the cesspits next.At the same time in the clean room to set up a row full of broken rice incense table, light candles burn incense.Gift after the visit by a woman the way, the two women carry basket, a woman FuJi, let the mouth has carried on the broken rice on the table sweetmeats, letting it silver hair pin on m figure, according to the shape of the pattern of the draw to determine the family or marriage, such as how to with husband when marriage, when adding, etc., while pregnant women pray “zigu” bless both doing well.Of course, some people let zi Gu to guess the number, such as guess a female a few years old, a female pocket in a few copper plates, are to amuse themselves.In the countryside, a woman ying Zi Gu in order to divination sericulture, according to the “Jing Chu Age Record” records, sericulture women in the morning of the first day of the first month, as usual, first bath incense, red dress plain hand in the early morning cooked white porridge, painted on the roof beam above the silkworm god.In the evening, the women began to welcome ziguo ト.Judge and predict the success or failure of next year’s harvest.The other is the play of “shooting back”.Although the specific practice has been lost, according to the records of Youyang Zazu and Mengxi Bi Tan, it should be a guessing game close to divination.Cover a certain thing in ou, pelvis and other utensils, then one person please toilet god upper body attached body, guess what is inside.However, on the basis of this also derived other play, such as asking Zi Gu to write poems, writing, chess and other games.Zigu has great influence among the people.Song Su Shi “Zigu God record” “Day count record” are recorded zigu manifest the legend of the body.For example, miss Wang Lun home too often, not only looks beautiful and handsome, but also literate, write a good article, his father said, because to welcome zigu, god came in the female body, claiming to be god harem fairy.Toilet god attached behind Miss Wang is more intelligent, wrote “female fairy set”, and the body is more fairy, the upper body appearance is beautiful, but below the waist is shrouded by xiangyun fairy fog, vaguely visible.Su da literary hero seemed to be interested in this miraculous event, wrote about it many times.The fifteenth day of the first month worship toilet god, please Zi Gu, equivalent to today’s “38 Women’s Days”, by a year of wronged women invited “women’s federation director” Zi Gu for their support, safeguard legitimate rights and interests.And as the oppressed women’s representative, “Zi Gu” also most do not see women bullied.So on this day, you must let his wife and the women in the home, not to quarrel with it, so as not to provoke zigu, resulting in a year.This is a unique Chinese folk custom, the Lantern Festival worship toilet god, welcome zi Gu.