How long is a light-year?Can a person walk one light year in a lifetime?The answer is mind-blowing

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How long is a light-year?Light year is considered to be the fastest speed in the universe, refers to the distance that light travels in the universe for a year, the infinite universe makes human beings have infinite curiosity about light year, we always think that light year may be the distance that human beings cannot reach in their whole life, so how long is a light year?Is there any way humans can reach a light year?Hello, and welcome to this popular science story, want to learn more interesting content, welcome to click on the button literally, light is light in one year’s time along a straight line through the path, although with annual words in light years, but in fact it is a representative of the length of the unit, the scientists widely believe that the speed of light is about 300 million meters per second,And the course of a year is equivalent to thirty million seconds or so, so, in the conversion of a light-year distance meter is 9.46 trillion km, we can imagine that if the astronomers don’t light years of this unit, but use, is the traditional unit to calculate the speed of light, don’t know how to calculate the numerical values, many friends want to know, a light-year looks far away,But what exactly is that?The fastest spacecraft built by human beings at present is the Parker Solar probe launched by NASA, which can run beyond the speed of 200KM/S above the perihelion. If the Parker probe is taken as an example, even if its daily and night flight takes 1498.96 years to fly to a light year away, then is it possible for people to walk a light year?In general, human normal walking at a rate of about two meters per second, can walk 4 to 5 km per hour, for the convenience of calculation, here we value 5 km/h, after simple calculation, we can conclude human need 1 light year 180 trillion hours on foot, if press “Julian” to conversion, in 200 million,We came up with this result based on 24 hours a day, which means a human would need to walk like a machine 24 hours a day without eating, drinking or sleeping.It is worth mentioning that the sun orbits the Milky Way at a speed of 217 kilometers per second. According to the calculations of scientists, it takes about 220 million years for the sun to complete one revolution. That is to say, if human beings walk at the normal speed of one light year, the solar system will have gone almost once around the center of the Milky Way.That gives you an idea of what a light-year is, and does that mean the speed of light is the fastest in the universe?Do you know what the fastest speed in the universe is?Must have the speed of light is the only answer a lot of people heart, but ordinary circumstances the speed of light is not the fastest speed, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of light in a vacuum is currently found in nature the maximum speed of motion, although the answer is yes, but some scientists believe that there are three things in the universe may be faster than the speed of light.A light pulse is a light source that emits intermittently at regular intervals. It doesn’t seem to match the speed of light, but scientists have detected light pulses at various locations in a vacuum, and they seem to travel at an unmanageable speed.The second:Quantum entanglement Einstein once called the quantum entanglement “ghostly” at a distance, there have been scientists believe that quantum entanglement is actually need to channel, and our country, there have been reports, scientists now believe that quantum entanglement is also need to channel, and the member of Chinese Academy of Sciences professor jian-wei pan’s team also measured in 2013,Quantum entanglement can travel at least four orders of magnitude faster than light, which means that in the case of quantum entanglement, information does travel faster than light.The third:Scientists have discovered that the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light when they are studying the observable range of the universe. From the current exploration, the known diameter of the universe that can be observed by human beings is about 93 billion light, but we do not know whether 93 billion light years away is still a universe.To assume the first beam of light is in the universe with the big bang, when the transmission should be come 138 light-years away, because the universe has continued to expand in 13.8 billion, but now the scientists could observe the universe radius is 465 light-years, more than three times the 138 light-years, meaning that the universe is expanding speed is faster than the speed of light.Fourth:Worm hole through the wormhole concept is in the 1930 s, scientists have proposed a conjecture, so called wormholes connect different time and space in the universe is a channel, can quickly achieve interstellar travel through the wormhole, many science fiction are mentioned wormholes, but wormholes so far only exist with theory, what is real wormhole in the universe,At present, it is still unknown, so the speed of light is not the fastest speed in the universe, many of the speed is faster than the speed of light, many friends are curious about this, since the speed of light is so fast, how do humans measure the specific value?Do you know how the speed of light is measured?In the early 16th century, Galileo is the world’s first attempt to measure the speed of light, Galileo’s method is he and an assistant stand on a different top of the hill, the top two, there is a known distance between Galileo and assistant two people carrying a lamp, when the Galileo to open the lamp at the same time, assistant also immediately open the lamp,Galileo using the distance between the top of the mountain and the pulse as a timer, plans to use this way to measure the speed of light, but no matter how far is the distance between them, he can measure light propagation time, because of the speed of light is too fast, so eventually Galileo did not measure the speed of light, so who are the speed of light measured?Correctly measure the speed of light is for the first time in 1676 by a Danish astronomer called, romer, romer, found that when observing the earth as earth closer to Jupiter, IO emerged from the shadows of the poem becomes shorter, through the observation to this phenomenon, romer, calculate the romer, calculated the distance between light through the revolution of the earth’s diameter is about 22 minutes.Combine this with earlier measurements of the Earth’s semi-major axis (the radius of its orbit) and you get the speed of light at about 210,000 kilometers per second. This is 30% lower than the modern speed of light, but it’s pretty close to what modern technology measures.Of course, we use modern technology to measure the speed of light is much more advanced, and the measured value is more accurate, such as microwave resonator method, laser velocimetry and so on, I believe that the future of human science and technology will progress more quickly, we can also explore the universe more mysterious place.What do you have to say about that?What are your unique insights?Welcome to leave a message and discuss with you!