Such a New Year’s Eve dinner, fragrant and warm!

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Quit old New Year’s eve together in this relatively special Spring Festival we use camera to record many family reunion dinner, though different have different time, place, but the same, is the flavor of the festival is wish of life, the future always ღ ღ ღ solitary old man share “in the lunch at the feast,” most of the family home, food, and old people who live alone because they have no children,Or children are not around, and appear cold.To this end, our county qinghe public welfare, rural commercial bank and kitchen restaurant jointly invited the elderly living alone in advance with the evening dinner.January 27th noon, in wukang street after kitchen hotel box inside, 6 solitary old people are enjoying a sumptuous lunch happily.Volunteers from Qinghe Charity dressed in red vests accompanied the elderly, chatting with them and serving them food.Lang Zhenfei, the person in charge of the restaurant, was pleased to see the elderly people happy. “These elderly people who live alone are between 70 and 100 years old, and they seldom go out. We held this activity to take this opportunity to invite them to come out and have a fun time.”Lang introduced that the volunteers would deliver meals to the elderly every Saturday to check on their physical conditions, considering they are old and have no children to take care of them.On that day, in addition to providing food for the elderly, volunteers also gave them a New Year gift package.In the morning of January 27, Wuyang street women’s Federation, Tashan community jointly held “‘ Cooking ‘but moved,’ taste ‘love and action” — the letter of talent and Wuyang “mother” pair activities, let stay in Germany for the New Year of the letter town workers at ease to stay, a warm year.In the beautiful Villa neighborhood of Xishan, Wuyang aunt Pan Yuying and the family of Zhejiang Zhengyuan engineer Zhang Zhaojie from Shandong province have a one-to-one marriage.Zhang zhaojie presented him with a cup of smoked bean tea, and Pan’s mother also sent him a New Year’s gift, wishing him a happy and prosperous family in the New Year.After the event, Wuyang “mother” also personally prepared the special Chinese New Year dishes, so that people who stay in Germany for the New Year can enjoy the taste of their mother in their second hometown.A table full of food, dense heat in the flow of thick friendship.This New Year, liudedi letter talent in “foreign land” also have “loved ones” to accompany.Many migrant workers choose to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot. In order to let them feel the same warmth of home in a foreign land, Xiazhu Lake Sub-district invited local villagers to show their cooking skills and share warm reunion dinner with employees from Germany.On the morning of January 28, the auditorium of Zhujia Village culture in Xizhu Lake street was bustling with joy. Seven or eight POTS were lined up. The lake sister-in-law from each village dressed in uniform red clothes, holding a spoon to cook their own dishes.The mother of the new recruits in Kangjieshan Village, Xiazhu Lake street, is one of them. Her son joined the army last year, and this is the first New Year without his son.Hearing that the street would organize a reunion dinner to entertain the foreign employees who will stay in Germany for the Spring Festival, Gu Guoqin signed up immediately.”My son can’t come back from the army, and the employees in Germany won’t go back home, so let’s find them and keep each other warm.”Fish soup rice, braised lamb, fish soup, braised bamboo shoot……After more than two hours of preparation, a delicious food on the table.People from different villages and local villagers sit around a table and share a warm family reunion dinner.”Although we couldn’t go back to our hometown, the people here took care of us and were very warm.””Said Long Jiang, an employee from Guizhou who lives in Germany.-END- Reporter: Mou Lingfang, Song Li, Han Jie, Zhao Ning, Zhang Ruoqi, Zhong Yucheng Editor: Huang Peiwen review: Zhang Zheping happy New Year’s Eve