Netizens revealed: Lin Zhiling was accused of surrogacy, the last was her high eq response

2022-06-25 0 By

Recently, the news of Lin Zhiling’s birth spread all over the platform.However, many of my netizens pointed out that Lin Zhiling may not have given birth to the baby herself, but a surrogate.After all, she has frozen more than a dozen eggs before, and she is 47 years old, which makes her a senior mother.So at these levels, it’s very likely a surrogate.There are many celebrities in the entertainment industry who have surrogacy, such as Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng, who have been named for doing this.After all, for a public figure, there should be a good model, not a bad way to guide people to do these things, if so, it will bring negative influence to the society.So does Lin Zhiling have a surrogate in the end?There’s no proof of this, so you can’t say anything without proof.But in view of the netizen’s doubt, how does Lin Zhiling respond positively?First of all, Lin zhiling ignored the ridicule and comments of netizens. After all, she thought that many rumors did not need any response.Later, as more and more comments, more and more smear, finally Lin Zhiling came out to respond.She first responded to her many supportive celebrity friends and thanked them for their well wishes.Send blessings to May Day, Leong Jing Ru, Xu Jia ying…This shows that her contacts in the entertainment industry are very wide.However, some netizens pointed out that Ariel Lin low-key pregnancy, so Lin Zhiling is the same, there is estimated to be something fishy and so on.Later, hong Xiaolei, another long-time friend of Lin Chi-ling, gave her blessing at her own ceremony on February 6, admitting that Lin chi-ling’s life has become different since her baby was born.Although it will be very hard to raise a baby, I will also experience the happiness of being a mother.Hong Xiaolei is also a model. She has been a good friend for many years.So anyway, in the absence of evidence, Lin Zhiling responded to everyone in a highly emotional way and thanked everyone for their blessings.After all, when people are popular, there are more rumors.For no substantive remarks, also strongly support Lin Chi-ling’s lawyer out of the article, said that rumors are responsible after all.So in this society, language is how terrible ah, if not stopped, then spread down will not have benign results.What do you think about that?Leave a comment in the comments section