2022 Guangdong Province test no leadership interview high score ashore strategy!(With the real questions of the past years)

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I am Wei Ge, click on the top of the “attention”, every day for you to share the public test application theory skills, help you quickly ashore!According to the trend of the past two years, the unleaded group interview will continue this year, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for candidates!With such a short time to prepare for the exam, how can we prepare for it efficiently and get a high score?What is a leaderless panel interview?1. A group of candidates (typically 6-10) discuss a given question in a given context.The discussion usually lasts about an hour.2. Candidates are on an equal footing in the discussion and will not assign a leader in advance.3. Mainly examine the organization and coordination ability, leadership, interpersonal communication awareness and skills, debate persuasion ability, nonverbal communication ability, etc.;It also tests self-confidence, initiative, sense of responsibility, team spirit, etc.(1) Open questions Open questions refer to questions that have a wide range of answers and do not limit the candidates’ direction or content.It can be divided into four categories: comprehensive analysis ability, planning, organization and coordination ability, countermeasure and suggestion ability, and verbal expression ability.(2) Dilemma Questions Dilemma questions ask candidates to choose between two kinds of answers which have advantages and disadvantages.The main examination examinee’s analytical ability, language expression ability and persuasion, etc.(3) Multiple choice questions A multiple choice question asks the candidate to select the most valid answers from a variety of choices or to rank the importance of the alternatives.Mainly test the ability of the examinee to analyze the essence of the problem and grasp the essence of the problem.(4) Resource allocation problem Resource allocation problem allocation problem.This kind of question tests the examinee’s language expression ability, the analysis question ability, summarizes or summarizes the ability, speaks the enthusiasm and reflects the sensitivity and so on.A county is located in a mountainous area. To build a “hometown of famous chefs”, implement the Project of Cantonese cuisine chefs and realize the prosperity of the county by cooking, 8 measures are put forward: 1.Organize local food festivals and competitions to spread local cuisine;2. Create a food street, hold celebrity chef star competition, and create local celebrity chef brands and food brands;3. Determine the local menu list and cuisine practices, set up food standards, and build brands;4. Cooperate with large local hotels and restaurants to build training bases and train local talents free of charge;5. Promote the training and employment policy of Cantonese cuisine chefs so that young people can receive training in Cantonese cuisine chefs;6. Cooperate with large catering enterprises to carry out training and open up channels of talent transmission;7. Explore the local cultural characteristics of rural areas, purchase local agricultural products for creating new dishes, and develop local food + cultural tourism;8. Grant entrepreneurship subsidies to qualified Cantonese cuisine chefs and celebrity chefs.Task 1: Choose the three most important actions from the above eight choices and explain the reasons.Task 2: The group has a full discussion to reach an agreement on task 1 and prioritize it.1. Read the material and think about the question for 10 minutes.2. Each candidate has 3 minutes to make a personal statement on task 1.3. Group members discuss task 2 and reach a consensus. The discussion time is 30 minutes for 4-5 people, 40 minutes for 6-7 people and 50 minutes for 8-9 people.4. Each candidate has 2 minutes to make a summary according to the test number from the most important to the least.Finally, I wish you all a smooth interview and an early date!If this article is useful to you, please click “like”