Three big things happened. Putin wished China a New Year, Japan prepared sanctions against Russia, and Biden gave an iron order

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Entering the New Year, local parts of the world are more volatile, especially the Ukraine issue has reached the point of tension.It is gratifying that the successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics has brought hope for world peace and development, but western countries led by the US are still eager to do something about it.Three major events have occurred in recent days, highlighting the complexity of the international situation.On the third day of the Chinese New Year, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a New Year message to China, “extending his warmest congratulations to the friendly Chinese people”, according to Xinhua News Agency.It is worth noting that at the same time, the leaders of major western powers, the United States, France, Britain, Japan and many other countries have lined up to pay New Year’s greetings to China.With the rise of China and the gradual rise of soft power, Spring Festival is gradually becoming a worldwide festival, not just celebrated by Chinese.Unlike other world leaders, Putin arrived in China the next day to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics and signed a series of cooperation agreements with China.China and Russia also had an in-depth exchange of views on the current international and regional situation.Seeing that China-Russia relations have reached a new level, the US has made two major moves against Russia.According to huanqiu, sources revealed on February 5 that the United States has asked Japan to impose economic sanctions on Russia if it “invaded” Ukraine.In the face of American pressure, Japan has been receptive as usual and is now preparing sanctions against Russia.Japanese media reported that Japan has begun to discuss sanctions content, a number of departments are listing sanctions.To counter China, it is necessary for Japan to align itself with the G7 on Ukraine in order to gain support from European countries, the report said.The United States and some other Western countries have made a big deal of Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine in an attempt to draw Ukraine into NATO.It is amazing that the US is making the situation worse by discrediting Russia while at the same time providing military support to Ukraine.President Joe Biden even gave an iron order to deploy troops to Europe.The first batch of US troops has arrived in Poland as part of NATO’s troop surge, with most to follow soon, a Polish military spokesman said Friday.Biden has said he would send a small number of U.S. troops to Eastern Europe and NATO countries in response to tensions along the Border with Ukraine.Russia said the US action was a “destructive step” that would escalate military tensions.