Severe color blindness driving test students how to pass the physical examination?| half past nine tonight

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At 9:30 this evening, the intrusion of driving test registration system will not participate in the physical examination of driving test students information input system to modify 766 driving test students physical examination information leading to unqualified students physical examination……Apply for motor vehicle driving license, the physical examination link does not arrive also can pass?Recently, Dantu District Procuratorate of Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, filed a public prosecution of illegally entering the DMV “driver training school paperless registration system” (hereinafter referred to as the driving test registration system) to modify the physical examination information of 766 driving test students, to help illegally obtain motor vehicle driving license qualification case of the first instance sentencing,The court sentenced Chen mou, Huang Mou and other six defendants to prison terms ranging from one year and six months to three years and two months for the crime of illegally controlling computer information system, and various fines.In March 2021, Dantu Branch of Zhenjiang Public Security Bureau received a report from the Vehicle Management Office of the Traffic Police Detachment of Zhenjiang Public Security Bureau:”Someone hacked into the registration system of the driving test and input the information of the students who did not participate in the physical examination into the system, leading to part of the students who failed the physical examination to pass the physical examination, bringing serious security risks. Please investigate this case as soon as possible.”The technical department of the public security organ immediately carried out a comparative analysis of the illegal input data and accurately locked three groups of suspicious computer addresses.After the follow-up investigation found that two groups of addresses for Huang’s personal computer, another group of addresses for Chen’s personal computer.Investigators follow suit, soon at the scene of the crime will Be Chen, Huang captured, after the gang members chai, Mei, Yang, Wu also have surrendered.After checking, Chen works in the town of Jiang city some driving test teach training communication technology company, Huang runs glasses business, two people are Cousins.To help business depression huang, Chen let Huang take driving school students to do a physical examination, check whether there is myopia, color weakness and other problems.When Huang mou saw the physical examination did not pass the students depressed look, he suddenly smell a business opportunity.Xiao Liu (pseudonym) is one of the students who received “enthusiastic help” from Huang.According to Liu’s recollection, when he went to the DMV physical examination center for pre-examination, he failed the test three times due to color blindness.At this time, Huang told him: “there used to be an old comrade is color blind, is we help fix, 700 yuan package, can not return the money.”In order to get his driver’s license as soon as possible, Liu spent 700 yuan for Huang’s help.After seven or eight days, Xiao Liu, who had not participated in the formal physical examination, received a telephone notice that he had passed the physical examination and could book a subject test.In view of the high social attention and great influence of the case, Dantu District Procuratorate sent officers to intervene in advance to guide the investigation organs to investigate clues and fix evidence.In September 2021, the case was transferred for review and prosecution.The prosecutor who handled the case found that the driving test registration system in this case is a computer management system designed strictly in accordance with the national “motor vehicle driver test methods”.So, how did Huang enter the system illegally without computer knowledge?In the detention center, prosecutors questioned Hwang again and found that hwang secretly recorded the account number and password entered by the physical examination staff when they logged in to the physical examination platform while taking students for physical examination. Hwang thought, “With this, can I add more staff at will?”In May 2019, in order to facilitate the training of students’ information entry, the driving school will put the office computer in Huang mou, Huang mou on the use of this group of account password successfully entered the driving test registration system, and a physical examination problems of the student identity information entry system, a few days later he found that the student really received the physical examination passed the information.Find the way to make money huang mou ecstatic, he with Chen mou while the driving school replacement computer equipment machine, will drive test registration system clone to Chen mou personal computer.From May 2019 to March 2021, Huang mou used this system, has been 696 physical examination screening does not meet the motor vehicle driving license qualification students illegally input physical examination information, and profit from more than 276,000 yuan.The review found that Chen also use Mei mou (department of driving test registration system development operation and maintenance personnel) have background management authority, together with Mei mou illegally delete, modify driving test registration system because of color blindness color weakness, mutilation and other reasons were included in the “black list” student information 24, profit more than 27,000 yuan.Mei added, deleted and changed 46 information about students with problems in physical examination in the system alone, making a profit of more than 26,000 yuan.Until the public security organs to investigate the matter, Chen mou, Huang mou, Mei mou talent to stop illegal behavior.In November 2021, Dantu District Procuratorate prosecuted the case according to law.Subsequently, the court tried the case publicly, in order to illegally control the computer information system crime sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of Chen mou three years two months, fined 60,000 yuan;Sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of the defendant Huang one year eight months, and a fine of 20,000 yuan, accomplice Mei mou, chai mou, Yang Mou, Wu mou have received the corresponding penalty.The case was decided and the criminals were severely punished by the law, but how to deal with the 766 students involved who passed the physical examination?If these students do have physical problems, driving on the road after getting a driver’s license will become a “time bomb” endangering traffic safety.To eliminate safety hidden trouble, the procuratorial organs on the problems existing in the driving test examination link to a driver’s license in accordance with the regulatory authorities and distributing the procuratorial suggestion, supervise and urge its plug up loopholes in driving exam registration management system development exists, and the illegal medical students through the driving test to carry out special MoPai, does not meet the drive a motor vehicle condition to revoke the motor vehicle driving license.After receiving the procuratorial suggestions, the driving license supervision department pointed out the problems and suggestions, to carry out investigation and rectification work.It is reported that up to now, the driver’s license supervision department has a total of 1250 people locked out of the investigation problem, 782 people qualified by reinspection excluded, reinspection failed to cancel the driving license of 14 people, and another 415 people are arranging reinspection in succession.At the same time, the driving license supervision department has built a “private network remote physical examination system” to monitor the whole process of physical examination, synchronous recording and video recording, effectively prevent and eliminate the occurrence of illegal cheating.Source: Supreme People’s Procuratorate