When I was a child, I set off firecrackers

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“To the New Year, wear new clothes, wear a new hat, the girl to spend, the boy to cannon”.This song, which has been circulating for many years, describes the scene of the past Spring Festival and reflects the joy of children’s jubilation during the Spring Festival.Every time I think of this nursery rhyme, years of life memories are instantly activated, just like the sea level on the first or fifteenth day of the Lunar calendar, suddenly the tide rises.When we were young, we saved our pocket money to buy guns for Chinese New Year.In the early years, firecrackers are various, heavyweight cannons, two kicks, flash thunder.The power of the high-rise gun is the largest, lighting the fuze instantly lifted off, as big as thunder and lightning;Ertijiao, as the name implies, set off two rings, there are several seconds between the two rings;Flash thunder generally has five or six rings as much as possible, and after firing, it shoots off in turn to emit crisp sound, burning and glowing in the air, and has the ornamental nature of fireworks.Setting off firecrackers during the Spring Festival to enhance the festive atmosphere is very exciting, but also often make dangerous things.One Spring Festival WHEN I set off firecrackers, I had an accident due to the quality of the firecrackers.I set off is a flash thunder, about two feet long, two centimeters thick, lit twist, holding the end of the high, then one after another bright fireball burst into the air, bang bang, then fireworks splash, very beautiful.I followed the procedure and set off a few without any problems, and the fireworks exploded just as expected.Just as I was pleased, I picked up another and lit it, when something unexpected happened. Instead of soaring into the sky, the bright ball of light flew in the opposite direction and entered my sleeve.With a loud bang, my clothes and elbow were torn open, and blood ran from my elbow.Die before you succeed.After this for several years, WHEN I talked about firecrackers, my face suddenly changed.There is a dangerous situation in setting off firecrackers in small partners.Speaking of which, he was an expert in setting off firecrackers. He made a special rack for setting off two kicks.The sawed steel pipes were welded in rings onto a thick, round iron plate.When preparing to discharge, two kicks one by one into the iron pipe, can be discharged at the same time 10.The ignition of one of the fuzes, the detonation of the air at the same time ignited the next gun twist, put up is both enjoyable and relatively safe.That time he was ready, and lit the cannon, and set it off in bunches, one after the other, and all thundered off in unison.He counted the salutes, and at the end seemed to miss one or two.As he bent down to look out, a flash of fire rushed straight into his cheek, burning his hair off his temples, and half of his face was broken up like a charcoal peddler.Luckily, he didn’t hurt his eyes. He only suffered some skin injuries.When I was living in my rural hometown, near the Chinese New Year, one night my little sister was crying and my grandma said that SHE was fascinated by a weasel.I was writing winter vacation homework under the kerosene lamp, she cried so I was really upset, grandma how to coax not good, but, I just bought from the 100 ring whip to remove a small firecracker used to “exorcise evil”.When the little sister is crying, I borrow the kerosene lamp lit firecrackers conveniently thrown to the ground, firecrackers snap sound.This sudden noise was to “Bajing crying” shocked, but the little sister was really scared not light, that night they had a high fever.I had to do my grandmother’s bidding, and that night I went to find a barefoot doctor to come and give my little sister an injection.In fact, from the physical and psychological aspects, the child keeps crying, maybe hungry and thirsty, maybe cold and hot, maybe physically uncomfortable and mentally unhappy, in short, there are needs and reasons.It is ignorant to stop and silence them indiscriminately.Unfortunately, she was more than ten years younger than me, but I was still a child.I’m officially apologizing to my little sister here.Every year on the fifteenth day of the first month, I will say goodbye to my parents who work in Qinhuangdao and return from the city to Changli County tan Jiatuo hometown.I learned a craft of making glass lanterns from the city and was eager to give it a try back home.Freeze the glass jar overnight on the windowsill. Pour boiling hot water into the jar. The bottom of the jar will burst and fall off when suddenly heated.A bottomless jar was set with slats, on which the candle sat, and a bright lantern was made.Easier said than done.It’s not easy to get the perfect glass lampshade, sometimes the bottle blows to pieces, sometimes it’s impregnable.Now think, the explosion of sharp glass stubble, for children carrying the lamp, no doubt constituted a small safety hazard.Now the Spring Festival, the green and low-carbon lifestyle has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, has been banned in the city of Qinhuangdao for several years, the counties and districts of the fireworks, those who think of the fear of childhood things will not happen again.The picture in this article comes from the network, if the infringement contact delete.You are welcome to contribute your original works. Please submit your works to 609618366@qq.com. 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