I am simply analyzing the statement “out of 1.4 billion people in China, there are not 11 who can play football”!

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It is normal for The National football team to be ridiculed by the crowd. I just simply analyzed the sentence “out of 1.4 billion Chinese people, there are not 11 who can play football”!New Year’s Day!Qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 Asia group B 8 rounds, 12 strong matches Li Xiaopeng coached the men’s national 3 to 1 on the road loss during former Vietnamese men’s soccer, the team’s opening soon even throw two balls, two goals in the first half, again by his opponent in the second half, in a 3-0 big deficit, until his injury time,Only by Xu Xin in the melee scored a goal, the final score is 1-3.After the loss of the game, the National football team even theoretically qualified for the World Cup hope also shattered!This is a humiliating defeat!Before the match, China had won all of its matches against Vietnam nine times.The first encounter was on December 11, 1960, and the most recent was on June 8, 2012.This is the first time in the history of Vietnam men’s national football team to beat the Chinese men’s national football team, both teams made history!It’s just one big joy and one big sorrow.Although the Vietnamese men’s national football team made great progress by investing in youth development and reaching the round of 12 for the first time in their history, they were defeated in the first seven rounds.Before the match, almost all media and fans did not expect the Chinese football team will be a heavy defeat on the road.The last time China suffered such a humiliating defeat was a 5-1 loss to Thailand in 2013, but that was only a friendly match and, in one sense, the team’s worst defeat to date, with more to come.Every time the National football team loses, it will be laughed at, and this is no exception.It’s worth noting that the number of fans following Chinese men’s soccer far exceeds the number of fans who actually follow Chinese women’s soccer, but that’s not too much considering China’s population base.Chinese football gets the attention of the whole people, for the National football team is the defeat of the tournament, for the Chinese women’s football team is the World Cup and the Olympic Games and other competitions.The national football team suffered a disastrous defeat, fans and media criticism, and even scold the street, are understandable, play that LC, also don’t let people scold?However, the result of National football team is really very bad, the reasons are various, space is limited, here will not elaborate, but as the world’s first sport, football is very professional!If almost nothing about football, even the football has never touched the cat and dog are taking advantage of the popularity of the network to run out of comments, it will be a joke!Especially the one that came out of his mouth: “1.4 billion people can’t find 11 who can play football?”This is full of ignorance and no logic!Below, an special comment and analysis of this sentence.First of all, what’s the use of 14 billion people if most of them don’t know how to play football and only move their mouths, not to mention how many of them are not of the right age (if we only say men’s football, we have to exclude girls)?Besides, by that logic, the world’s 6 + billion people can’t play table tennis?To say the darkest and worst industry and field in China, it is not football, but do you dare to comment casually?Look at your leader, the people and things around you, how many are you look resentful, dare you say?In fact, they should thank Chinese football, because in China, football is the only industry that anyone can say anything!Cherish Chinese football, now can casually pinch the soft persimmon really not much!