Why are there so many separations in this world

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Twinkling of an eye, the Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, a lot of home guest also began to prepare on their return journey to the daily life, the annual reunion, was turned into the annual leave, not only that, during this period of time and time again, there will be an end closure, this world, why there are so many the parting?In the 1990s, I still lived in a small city, but in that small city, the unit structure of people is a big family.Every New Year, dozens of family members get together, laughing and Shouting. After a few glasses of wine, the daily troubles are forgotten in the bustle, and the joy in the crowd is often easier.At that time, a Spring Festival is not a night to stay up late, but a floating mat for the first month.The night of shousui was usually in the home of the most respected elderly people, and from then on, the family began to take turns.Since my parents rank low among siblings, my family’s turn is often the last time relatives return to their respective lives.The most impressive time was when our family had just renovated the house and built a large room next to the original bungalow. My parents also covered the room with floors, red paint and bright chandeliers.The relatives came, drinking and singing, the children shooting guns, and after dinner they turned the red floor into a dance floor. I can’t remember what steps they did.Now in my mind, leaving only two scenes, noisy dance floor, and people scattered lonely fall.Like the switch between fast play and slow motion, like the contrast between the joy of others and the emptiness filled with sudden collapse, like the contrast between revelry and waking with a hangover, parting is far more than a ritual, but a constant sadness.The first time I had an overall and abstract feeling of parting was at the end of 1997, when the school organized to see a New Year’s film and had a holiday after the show. When I was walking on the road with just fallen snow, the sound of creaking at my feet did not interrupt the words “1997 passed, I miss it very much” echoed in my mind.It was an unprecedented experience, like a whale swooping down on its face, enveloped by something huge, struck like lightning, and realizing a personal and universal “truth” — parting is fate, and it will happen.And this parting is indiscriminate, whether people, or people with a certain period of time, even with the world, is like a piece of music will eventually song, a meet sooner or later people, as long as slightly to deduce, parting is death in the world, is the fate of the finish line, the best metaphor is lost.Those who are cold and thin may find it hard to feel the heartbreaking feeling of parting. Looking out of the window of the green train in the early years, the lovers who said goodbye to each other looked as if they were telling the story of a lifetime.Then see the airport gate before and after the people step by step look back, a million years, parting is ultimately people reluctant to give up.And all do not give up, but their own body.In a world without people, there can be no separation.All things are in the cycle, the life that disappears here, rise again elsewhere, the branches that fall, also become the spring mud that guards the growth of new green.Only carry their own experience of mental intervention, separation will become a kind of pain, thirst for people to have to lose of upset, to meet the expectation, sad for separation, eventually into a irreversible experience of life, this kind of experience is the most precious place, they are unable to join the natural cycle, once the destruction of the flesh, memory is also dissipated,Dissipated in any corner of this universe, never to be seen again.This world there are so many separation, not because there are so many people, so many, so many together to leave, and have so many memories, but is so much experience, each kind of experience to lose, and all the pain, is the embodiment of a separation, finally the incarnation, into the mirror image of the self and others to maintain the illusion of them,It is also equivalent to maintaining every real existence.In our separation, what we see is evidence of our existence.