The proportion of female athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics has reached a new high and the goal of “gender equality” is getting closer

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Foreign media reported on February 13 that the proportion of female athletes in Beijing Winter Olympics has reached a record high.Fully 45 percent of the roughly 2,900 athletes are women — and thanks to the Winter Olympics, “true gender equality” is getting closer.Athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics, the most gender-balanced ever, say the addition of mixed team events is “significant” and will help raise the standard of women’s events.Women will compete in more than half of the events in Beijing, thanks to the addition of two women’s events and four new mixed team events — ski jumping, freestyle skiing aerials, snowboarding slalom pursuit and short track speed skating, the report said.Marion Tineau, who competed for Canada in the mixed team aerials freestyle skiing event, told AFP on Sunday it was “really great” to have athletes of different genders competing together.”That means your team has to be strong on both the men’s and women’s sides, and that pushes both the men’s and women’s programs forward.””She said after helping her team win a bronze medal in the event’s first Appearance at the Winter Olympics.”I think it’s great because it’s a male-dominated sport, but here tonight we showed that we have a strong team of amazing women.”ASHLEY Caldwell, a member of champion TEAM USA, said there was “always room” for representation in sports, but hoped the event would “showcase” female athletes.”I’ve been trying to make it harder for myself to show the world that women can do it.””Getting more women involved in high-level sport is good for the world — it gets people around the world to respect women and participate in sport.”The two women’s events added to the Beijing Olympics are single bobsled and freestyle ski grand jump, the report said.Ecuador, Kosovo and Malaysia are sending women athletes to the Winter Games for the first time, the report said.Ioc sports director Kit McConnell said the increase in female athletes was “not just statistical.””Every female athlete who comes here has a ripple effect” in terms of commitment, he said.Caldwell agrees that things are moving in the right direction.”Increasing participation in women’s sport around the world is also fantastic and I hope this shows that,” she said.According to a report on the website of Germany’s Neue Deutsche Zeitung on February 9, the proportion of female athletes in The Beijing Winter Olympics reached a record high.Fully 45 percent of the roughly 2,900 athletes are women — and thanks to the Winter Olympics, “true gender equality” is getting closer.In fact, the world’s greatest sporting event has long suffered from a flaw: women have been systematically discriminated against for more than a century, the report said.The most obvious example is their low medal count.Even in Beijing, Nordic combined is only for men.But the gender gap in sport is narrowing anyway.A few years ago, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach set gender equality as a goal.”We have made a lot of progress, from 41 per cent in Pyeongchang 2018 to 45 per cent in Beijing, and the number has also increased,” he said.He said the 2024 Paris Olympics and 2026 Milan Winter Olympics should have an equal ratio of men to women.Host Country China does not have that problem, the report said.At the Tokyo Olympics, there were more than twice as many Chinese women as men.China sent 176 athletes to the Beijing Winter Olympics, including 87 women and 89 men.The medal presentation ceremony of the freestyle skiing aerials mixed team event, the first of its kind at the Winter Olympic Games, was held in zhangjiakou on Monday.China’s xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu (left to right), the runners-up, at the medal ceremony.(Photo by Xue Yubin)