Practice authentic English: Translate some common English words into authentic Chinese (6)

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# English ## English enlightenment ## translation ## learning ## education # port practice authentic English:(6) Native And Original English — Let Your Translation Make Sense, often easy to follow the text, mechanically copied, translated Chinese people do not understand, have to guess,Sometimes guess for a long time, or zhang Two monks – confused.So I will put forward some commonly used English words for you to discuss.Translate the following English words into Chinese:1 acquiesce to the mob when it comes2 overnight3 She is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers.4 head-over-heels5 be in Acquiesce good hands withacquiesce to the mob when it comes1 acquiesce to the mob when it comes”Acquiesce to the mob when it happens,” baidu Translation says.The problem is that it cannot be translated so concretely.Acquiesce is an intransitive verb that means’ submit, ‘ ‘tolerate’ and ‘informed consent.As a noun, mob, though it is a riotous crowd of people, is (as a result) a thickly (as a thickly (as a thickly (as a thickly (as a thickly (as a thickly)) as well as a flock of herd or animals (as a thickly (as a thickly)).First, it’s a group, and second, it’s a group that’s confused and overexcited.In fact, this is an idiom in English, which is equivalent to The Chinese “go with the flow”. In the Vernacular, it means “let what comes come”.Suddenly like a night of spring breeze, thousands of pear trees opened 2 overnight, in the continuation of time did not exceed a night, can be the whole night, in this one night time.If you are describing something that is going on, you can translate it as “overnight”.If discovered the next day, can be translated as “overnight”.Its artistic conception just compares tang Dynasty poet Cen Shen’s poem: “suddenly comes like night spring breeze, thousands of trees pear blossom”.She is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers.The problem lies in the Chinese understanding of “a few feathers” as “her feathers”.The verb ruffle means “act arrogantly” or “agitate.”She is not afraid of making trouble.She is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers4 head-over-heels.Heel is the heel of the foot because head-over-heels are the same as heels-over-head.In fact, the essence of the word is “in hasty disorder,” which translates as “chaos.”In love, head over heels in love is hopelessly out of order and hopelessly out of control, which can be translated as “head over heels”.Be in good hands withCompetent or safe care is the key to good hands and competent or safe care.In a muddle, in a muddle, in a muddle, in a muddle, in a muddle, in a muddle, in a muddle, in a muddle, in a muddleTranslate some common English words into Authentic Chinese (5)