Lu shares open annual dividends to send the current situation, these chemical leaders are expected to give a “big red envelope”

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Economic Herald reporter Shi Chao Jinan reported in A shares just opened the curtain of annual report disclosure stage, Gree Electric Appliances (000651.SZ) 5.537 billion yuan of large dividend plan stable stand C, which also makes investors began to pay attention to other listed companies to send dividends now action and expectations.Economic Herald reporters noted that there are currently two Shandong shares disclosed 2021 annual report, and have given a cash dividend plan.Among them, Vohua pharmaceutical (002107.SZ) quite forbearing, took out last year’s net profit of 9% to dividends;Sen Qilin (002984.SZ) plans to allocate 110 million yuan.”Both companies posted A year-on-year decline in net profits last year, but still gave cash payouts, showing that the investor climate for A-share companies has significantly strengthened, driven by regulators.”Ji ‘nan an investor on the economic Herald reporter said that the layout of the stable dividend shares, has been around many people as a steady profit strategy.However, in the view of the industry, for dividend stocks also need to screen, it is recommended to pay attention to high dividend targets.At present, banks in the financial sector, as well as infrastructure and other stable growth concepts, high dividend stocks.And the information disclosed by lu stocks alone, banks, chemical plate or in 2021 annual report of the dividend is a bright performance.Two Shandong stocks have disclosed dividend plan On February 15, Sen Kylin opened lower higher, as of the close, the company’s share price rose 6.79%.The 2021 annual report disclosed by the company the night before shows that it achieved a net profit of 753 million yuan in the reporting period, down 23.17% year-on-year.However, the company also disclosed the dividend plan, intends to pay a cash dividend of 1.7 yuan per 10 shares (including tax), the total cash dividend to reach 110 million yuan.Economic herald reporters noted that cash dividend plan to share price support, in the recent A share market is reflected.For example, on the night of February 13, Gree Electric Appliances disclosed the 2021 interim profit distribution plan, and planned to pay 10 yuan to all shareholders, with a total cash dividend of 5.537 billion yuan.Based on the company’s recent share price, the plan has an annualized dividend yield of about 5% (pre-tax).The company’s share price opened high on the 14th, the performance of the day significantly outperformed the industry and the market.From shandong stock, another disclosure of the annual report of Wohua Pharmaceutical, in 2021, the mother of the net profit dropped 8.66%, and the company has given a “cash dividend of 2.60 yuan per 10 shares (including tax)” dividend plan.Before the release of the plan, the company’s stock price is in a wave of high fall trend, and the fall is larger;After the release of the plan, the company’s share price gradually stabilized, and there was a small pull up.It is worth noting that in recent years, the proportion of dividends in the annual net profit of Wowah Pharma has significantly increased, and the data from 2018 to 2020 are 39.51%, 45.19% and 83.90% respectively.Under the plan, that figure will rise to 91.85%.”The volatility of the market this month, particularly the recent pullback in hot tracks such as new energy, highlights the strength of some stocks with low valuations but stable dividends.””Said the investor.Many brokerage institutions also said to “hold long-term dividend shares” this investment strategy of recognition.Citic Construction investment research report believes that when term spreads narrow, credit spreads widen, the market risk appetite down, stable operation and stable dividend assets will be favored by investors.Shenwan Hongyuan team exemplifies this point.From June 2015 to February 2016, A-shares were in A downward stage, with the CSI 300 index falling 39.31%, while the DIVIDEND index of China Securities fell 35.78%.From February 2016 to December 2017, when A-shares were in the uptrend stage, CSI 300 index rose 42.78%, and CSI Dividend index also performed well.”In the Hong Kong stock market, the Hong Kong stock all-return index with high dividends also has higher returns and smaller retreats than the Hong Kong stock all-return index.”Luxi chemical and other plate leading prospects are considerable, however, there are institutional people also said in the interview, investors layout dividend shares need to be further screened, it is recommended to choose high dividend stock layout.”High-dividend companies have a range of characteristics such as excellent financial performance, strong cash flow and sound profitability.”Citic Construction Investment Research Said that the stock price is directly proportional to the stock dividend, and the high reinvestment income brought by the high dividend is the long-term effective basis of its high dividend strategy.When the market performance is weak, the defensive property of high dividend strategy appears, but also can obtain considerable dividend income.So, high dividend stocks exist in which sectors?From the past, banks, utilities, infrastructure stocks, with high dividend characteristics, that is, concentrated in the financial, stable growth plate.However, for the specific situation, still need specific analysis.For example, Shandong stocks, from the current disclosure of 2021 performance forecast and the previous dividend performance, banks, chemical leading stocks, with high dividend characteristics.Economic Herald reporters through Wind information statistics found that according to the 2020 annual report of the dividend per share and the closing price on February 15, the dividend rate of more than 3% of shandong stocks a total of 31, including Qilu Bank (601665.SH), Qingdao Bank (002948.sZ) have disclosed the 2021 performance report,Parent net profit rose 20.52% and 22.08%, respectively, suggesting that cash dividends could be substantial in their 2021 annual reports.In addition, yankuang Energy (600188.SH), Luxi Chemical (000830.SZ) and Taihe New Material (002254.sZ) have clear performance growth expectations and high dividend yield characteristics. The three companies are all expected to achieve substantial growth in 2021.Among them, Yankuang Energy is expected to see a year-on-year growth of 124.67% in 2021, Taihe New Material is expected to see a year-on-year growth of more than 245%, and Luxi Chemical is expected to see a year-on-year growth of 451.63-463.75%.The dividend yields of the three companies in 2020 are 3.46%, 3.83% and 3.15% respectively, which have exceeded the interest rates of three-year fixed deposits.It is worth noting that Yankuang Energy had previously issued a notice to increase the proportion of cash dividends in the year 2020-2024, and proposed that “the total cash dividends to be distributed in each fiscal year during the five years should account for about 50% of the company’s net profit after deducting legal reserves, and cash dividends per share should not be less than 0.5 yuan.”The company is expected to pay a hefty cash dividend this year, and its shares have stabilized and rallied this month, up more than 20%.