International delegations are ready to join the ice and snow festival

2022-06-22 0 By

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that he is confident in the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics as he bid farewell to his country’s athletes.The pace of Beijing Winter Olympics is getting closer and closer, and delegations from all over the world are getting ready to go to the ice and snow.The Russian Olympic Committee (ROCOG) on Thursday announced the total number of Russian Olympic team members for the Beijing Winter Olympics, including 212 athletes.On the same day, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent off Russian athletes for the Beijing Winter Olympics via a video message.Putin said he believes the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a high-level sporting event.The South Korean government decided Wednesday to send Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Hwang Hee to lead the delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics.Rok National Assembly Speaker Park Byung-seok will also attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.On the same day, the South Korean delegation held a launching ceremony, south Korean Prime Minister Kim Bu-kyum speech, encouraged the South Korean Olympic athletes performance.South Korea will send 124 people to Beijing, including 63 athletes, management and medical staff.A total of 95 Athletes, 51 men and 44 women, have been selected to compete in nine sports, including biathlon, ice hockey, cross-country skiing and figure skating, the Finnish Olympic Committee confirmed On Thursday.Sweden will send its largest-ever delegation to a Winter Olympics in Beijing, with 116 athletes, the Swedish Olympic Committee confirmed on Thursday.