How to convert video to text?Video to text is very simple!

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How to convert video to text?I don’t know if you have found that now people are really more and more like to watch those videos to absorb knowledge, because through the video, we can more vividly understand the knowledge, and absorb into the mind.However, there are also great inconveniences. If we want to store the video file, it takes up memory and is difficult to use. It is better to directly record the copy of the video, so that we can store the content we want to know in the form of text.But I did not expect that the new colleague Xiao Wen actually recorded the content of the video by hand, which is too low efficiency, not long after, I really can not go down, told her that you can use some automatic recognition tools, text extraction, and then slightly changed it.Thinking that there may be other small partners need, I will share with you today!We want to carry out text and voice, video conversion between words, do not make too complicated, just need an all-powerful tool, such as: quick text to voice, through it can easily achieve our expected purpose and effect.To obtain the latest version of the tool, search for it in a browser and open the official web page.Step 1: open the tool, select turn video text when we need to use tools, double-click the icon to open, and then some simple browsing homepage interface, the left is the toolbar can choose operation, there were text to speech, turning round of text, video, text, video recording audio, is on the right side of the operation of the corresponding tool interface.Therefore, we need to select the operation of video to text in the left toolbar first, and then proceed to the next step: step 2:Add file After we open the video to text, we need to be processed in the file import tool to convert and edit, there are two import methods respectively, one is to directly drag the file into the tool, the second is to click in the middle of the blank area to add file, open the folder where the file is located, select and add.Step 3: set the output format, path, began to transform for files within the tool, we don’t need additional operations, just below the set the output format, output languages and output paths, and then click “start conversion”, for the text to video operation, and save to your computer.