Break four big monopoly 18 years Medvedev first ATP men’s single world no.1

2022-06-22 0 By

Russia’s Dmitri Medvedev will officially top the men’s singles rankings next week after Novak Djokovic lost to qualifier Vesely in Dubai, breaking the 18-year monopoly of the big four.Medvedev became the first man born in the 1990s to become no. 1 in the men’s singles world, and the 27th in the history of men’s singles since the ranking system was established in 1973.Djokovic will lose the men’s no. 1 ranking for the first time since Feb. 3, 2020, and his total number of weeks at the top will temporarily stand at 361 weeks.But Djokovic said he was as eager as ever to win more titles and play the best tennis in the future.”I’m still motivated and I want to win every tournament, just like everyone else on the tour, regardless of age.”He was also the first to congratulate the winner Medvedev.Djokovic said: “The more matches I play, the more comfortable I get on the court.I don’t think age is really a career limiting factor.I still feel good in terms of the way my body is holding up and the way I’m recovering, which obviously encourages me to keep going.Editing by Zhou Xueshuai