Binhai Fine Chemical Industrial Park strives for a “good start” in project construction

2022-06-22 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reporter duan Xuehu correspondent Zhu Yanfei law back to spring gradually, vientiane began to update.After the Spring Festival holiday, Binhai Fine Chemical Industrial Park of Dongyinggang Economic Development Zone actively coordinated and arranged major and key projects throughout the year, striving for a “good start” in 2022 project construction.Expanding effective investment is a key support for ensuring steady growth and ensuring operation, and accelerating project construction is an important guarantee for high-quality economic development.Binhai Fine Chemical Industrial Park focuses on the main battlefield of project construction, actively plans key projects in 2022, and gives full play to the supporting and driving role of projects.At present, the polystyrene project of Shandong Huihang New Materials Co., LTD., with an annual output of 360,000 tons, and the Innovative API Sharing platform project of Dongying Binhai Biomedical Industrial Park Co., LTD., in the park, have been successfully included in the list of preferred projects for the transformation of new and old driving forces in Shandong Province in 2022.In addition, the industrial park was successfully listed in 4 key projects of Dongying City in 2022 and 16 key projects of Dongying Port Economic Development Zone in 2022.Binhai Fine Chemical Industrial Park organized the safety work of the Spring Festival project and the preparation for the resumption of work and production of the project.After the municipal economic work conference, the first time to hold the economic work conference, convey the spirit of the municipal economic work conference, work deployment.All departments are required to follow up and supervise the implementation of projects, ensure that projects are completed on schedule in the first quarter, plan and sort out key projects, and actively coordinate and resolve difficulties and problems encountered in project construction.We will increase service efforts and strive for more projects to enter the green channel through policy guidance.Next, Binhai Fine Chemical Industrial Park will rise to the challenge, go all out to effectively solve the problems of the project, and strive for the amount of investment under the premise of ensuring safe production and engineering quality, so as to ensure a “good start” of the project construction.