Wait together, spring often in

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Along the way, tears streaming down my face.It is love, but also touching.Is sad, but also a kind of unspeakable pain.Never had, never separated.In this way, in the spring silently wandering.Outdoor, peach blossom has opened, a, full of small feelings.Hidden in the heart of love, the wind fragrance floating thousands of miles away.You may receive my love for you.Green leaves, express the feelings bit by bit, tell the spring, the prosperous expectation.This spring, quietly looking at the strange and strange world, laugh at yourself, old and much feeling, what are the whole do not understand.Turn around the tears fall down, is what kind of life, we are inexplicably separated from themselves and the world?Blurred the line of sight, more blurred the passion of life.Wait, wait…Time will give me the best answer, everything will be ok.Mention pen, unable to describe the heart of helplessness.Think of you, get yourself drunk.Drunk, no thought, more straightforward.Laugh a little, cry a little, keep asking yourself how to pull you into life, can’t leave!You silly performance, let me love dearly.So serious, so infatuated, so unscrupulously generous.I accompany all the way, but have not understood to stay in the play or play?Two hearts, so tied up, the rest of my life can not leave, do not leave.Waiting together, waiting for this spring is still blooming flowers, spring often in!Waiting together, waiting for the rain after the sun is still bright, better life!2022.4.6