They received “fancy help” from Shanghai residents at the sampling point of a hospital in Nantong

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On April 4th, a heart-warming scene was staged in the nucleic acid sampling site of Pudong New Area. A child gave a handmade painting to the nucleic acid sampling team of our hospital. The handmade painting full of childlike innocence and warmth expressed the child’s most sincere thanks and moved the medical staff present.On the morning of April 4, the night was not gone, and the morning light was faint, 100 warriors in white of our hospital gathered in front of the fire and rushed to help Shanghai.Since April 1, 159 medical staff have been sent to Shanghai to carry out medical treatment and nucleic acid sampling.In order to ensure the completion of nucleic acid testing tasks on time and in good quality, the team members did not take a moment to rest, quickly into the sampling work.Their hard work is seen by community workers and residents.Community workers paste words of thanks to nantong medical staff on their bodies. Community residents and children hold up signs full of words of thanks (the above photos are provided by community workers) : “Thanks for having you, safe Shanghai!””Baymax, you’ve worked hard!”…We provided “fancy assistance” to the nucleic acid sampling team members of our hospital by sending paintings, holding signs and other forms.The team members felt the warmth of Shanghai residents, whose understanding and support added a touching touch to this spring.Shanghai net friend expressed gratitude by circle of friends and micro-blogging as of 5 PM nucleic acid in our sampling team has accomplished the acquisition work of more than 34000 person-times suhu with all my heart They have the gift of one warm mind shining sincere words, like strands of warm warm hearts nantong one medical personnel will go all out to protect people’s life safety and body health fight to the end!Source: Nantong First Hospital