Panlong City Aeon ground and add real hammer Seiko steel structure plot planning adjustment

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Recently, huangpi district C040202, C040204, C040402 management unit control detailed planning guidelines for local modification to solicit opinions of interested parties entered the publicity period, publicity time is March 25, 2022 – April 8, 2022.The Administrative Committee of Panlongcheng Development Zone applied for local modification of the control detailed planning guidelines of management units C040202, C040204 and C040402 in Huangpi District. In order to improve the quality of the area and combine with the positioning of the area, it planned to optimize the layout of planned land and adjust the industrial land into commercial facilities, business facilities and residential land.And supporting primary and secondary school land.Iv. Scope: Lujiashan Road in the east, Airport Expressway in the south, Huayun Street in the west and Julong Avenue in the north. The scope of this area is shown in the figure below.Before the public message advisory disc dragon city aeon how the current progress.Huangpi district reply said, after verification, aeon dream le city business management co., LTD. (hubei) plans to open a shopping center in plate of liuzhou, land area of 150 mu, after many field reconnaissance, comparative screening, proposed location in the hubei seiko steel structure block (dragon avenue plate of liuzhou, the ac residence), has now and seiko group signed a framework agreement,The land parcel of this project needs to be adjusted, and the land has not been purchased and stored. Aeon Dream City project is under negotiation, please look forward to it.According to the location of the block published this time, the block includes hubei Seiko steel structure block, which is also the rumored site of Yongwang Dream City in Panlong City.According to the adjustment, in addition to Aeon, the plot is also planned to have residential buildings as well as supporting primary and secondary schools.With the adjustment of plot planning, Aeon panlong City is one step closer to the real landing.The plot is close to julong Avenue station of Metro Line 2, which also meets aeon’s location requirement of being close to rail transit.The neighborhood is dominated by large residential areas, close to F World, LongJingxuan, Dingxin Moka Town, Chengtou Fengshanfu and other residential areas, with a strong living atmosphere, but lack of commercial complex. The landing of Aeon will greatly contribute to the value improvement of surrounding areas.However, the current land is still in the adjustment of the nature of the stage, has not been purchased and stored, the follow-up has a long way to go.For aeon Dream City Zhangjiawan Project, Aeon Group will tentatively set the project address at guangxia industrial site, and it is expected to sign an intention contract in March and a formal commercial contract in September.At present, the nature of industrial land in Guangxia Village is commercial service land, which is expected to enter the construction cycle first compared with the industrial land intended for Aeon in Panlong City.