Old Lin out of the new season coaching staff, Chengdu AG again the new season, douyu suspected without KPL copyright!

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After the transfer period of contention, each big war team also recently announced the new season lineup.Chengdu AG and Chongqing Wolves, who were high hopes for the KPL autumn competition, did not make any additions to their players during this transfer period.Coach Zhang Kai has also become the target of wolves and AG, but the two teams did not buy Zhang Kai from the new season roster.Many players in the new season to see these two teams after the lineup list, the heart of the sense of disappointment arises spontaneously.Old Lin out of the coaching team, Chengdu AG lineup was questioned!After the Wolves lost in the KPL fall playoffs, the players and coaching staff were questioned.With his suspension expiring, Lin’s return to the Wolves coaching staff has been a big question for fans.In this transfer period, insiders are exposed to the old Lin kickback news, directly let his comeback difficulty straight line rise.Wolverhampton Wanderers have been keen to bolster their side during the transfer window and have failed to sign a top-flight winger to replace fly.With wolves’ current squad, it will be difficult for them to return to the top in the new season.Chengdu AG, known as galacticos last season, will play next season with the same team after the transfer period.Many fans are worried about their chances of retaining group A after reading the rosters for the new season.Zhang Jiao failed to deal with the rotation problem in the team last season, which led to chengdu AG next season is still hidden trouble.Many fans are skeptical of this list of Chengdu AG, doubt whether they are in public put rotten!Betta fish suspected decline, KPL, LPL copyright double!The start time of KPL spring tournament has been confirmed, and it will officially kick off on February 9th.But careful players found douyu KPL live broadcast room is still the poster of the autumn game, and did not update the relevant information of the spring game in time.Betta fish is also no longer a sponsor of spring tournaments.Douyu does not have the rights to the LPL Spring tournament this time, which makes one wonder if they will not have the rights to the KPL Spring tournament.If Douyu cannot broadcast LPL and KPL, its popularity is likely to plummet.After all, the viewing volume of the event is the majority of the livestreaming platform, so Douyu is in a very delicate situation.Tomi and Gemini used to broadcast KPL games in the studio. If Douyu didn’t have the KPL rights, it would be difficult to broadcast games like before.Douyu and Huya have been rumored to merge before, and the current owners of the two livestreaming platforms are the same person, which can also prove this news.What do you think of the KPL spring transfer and the betta fish change?