Death on the Nile upgrades the queen of Inferences mystery classic

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Death on the Nile, a classic suspense film released by China Film/China Amc and produced by Scott Freelance Studios, will be released on Feb 19.Today, the film released a suspect clue map that reveals an undercurrent between the all-star characters led by Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot.”Death on the Nile” is an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic,Created by Oscar nominee Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express team, this is the perfect opportunity for mystery lovers to experience the glamour of an old woman!Since her first novel was published in 1920, The name Of Agatha Christie has become synonymous with mystery novels — she is the Queen of England’s personal title “Queen of Mystery”, is a total sales of more than 2 billion copies, guinness certified best-selling author;Her detective Poirot, as well as Holmes, is more committed to exploring the complexity of human nature and emotion, which gives the work more shocking power.”Her portrayal of humanity is a treasure trove of inspiration and a key reason for Agatha’s enduring and widespread popularity,” said Branagh, director of Death on the Nile.If Agatha’s work is a treasure trove, Death on the Nile is a particularly shining diamond.As a masterpiece of Agatha’s charm, the novel has been a bestseller for over 100 years since its publication in 1937 and has been adapted into many high-profile films and television works.Film version of the comprehensive upgrade “death on the Nile also costly extravaganza – not to be missed is undoubtedly the fragrance rest between midsomer, charming scenes in suspense, luxury cruise ships, over a deep ocean of fate, to human nature and desire, detective Poirot cobwebs (Poirot) to uncover the truth, for the audience to open an Agatha unforgettable night.Click to get more information film “wonder woman” lead the ingenious suspense mystery present murder on the Orient express by director Kenneth branagh scripted, as have five oscar-nominated universal master filmmakers and Shakespeare, branagh is both costly and beautiful scenes of scheduling, and has deep insight to the story, character and emotion,In respect of the original work, but also more creative adaptation and sublimation, so that Agatha classic bloom again.Under the direction of the director, the film’s all-star cast also presents the intertwined interests and emotions of different characters to the audience, making the suspense and crime mystery more sophisticated and complex.Linnet, played by Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot, is at the heart of the story. Linnet is a billionaire with a network of friends and family, but she can’t trust anyone:Whether it’s new star Emma Mackey’s former best friend and rival Jacqueline, or Game of Thrones’ Fire Kiss Rose Leslie’s maid,Or four-time Oscar nominee Annette Benning as an aristocratic mother…Starlit acting feast, the ambiguous love triangle, murder clouds of tension, suspicion between suspects, and the final detective reasoning rigorous, deduction sparks, wonderful fun!On February 19, the annual luxury suspense production “Death on the Nile” will be released in 2D/IMAX/Cinity/ China giant screen/Dolby theaters and other formats.Board the “Queen of Suspense” luxury cruise ship, and “Wonder Woman” together to magnificent Egypt, reveal the truth behind the mystery!From ticket-hunting Media number: Death on the Nile