Another child star has emerged, eight-year-old Harlin’s partner Yi Yangqianxi, whom netizens call zhang Zifeng’s second

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In its first three days of release, The movie “Wonder, Stupid Kids,” starring Jackson Yi and Harlin Chen, earned 403 million yuan.That may not be a big deal for Jackson Yi, who has become the first post-00s actor to earn 10 billion yuan at the box office.But for eight-year-old Chan, it was the beginning of her acting career.Harlene Chan was just 3 years old when she starred in the first season of reality TV show Let Go of Baby in 2016.Harlin Chen is good-looking and smart. As soon as the program is broadcast, Harlin Chen immediately catches the attention of the audience.Chan then appeared in the second and third seasons of Let Go of Baby in 2017 and 2018, as well as Happy Camp and Day Day Up.In 2021, Chen starred in wen Muye’s Film Miracle Stupid Child.In the film, Jackson Yi plays the 20-year-old male lead, Jing Hao.Chen harin plays his sister Jing Tong, a poor girl with congenital heart disease.To be able to cure the disease of younger sister, Jing Hao is taking Jing Tong to seek medical treatment to Shenzhen.The life of the brother and sister was already hard enough, but the doctor said that the sister’s disease must be operated on before the age of 8, otherwise it would be too late.Looking at her sister suffering from pain, Jing Hao’s heart was very sad, he needed money.So he began to work hard to make money.When Jing Hao was cornered, he found an opportunity to make a fortune by refurbishing mobile phone parts.Can make people, when Jing Hao thought he could succeed, god opened a joke with him.Plans never change fast in life.Just when audiences think jing Ho and Jing Tong’s experiences are bad enough, there’s always another one waiting for them.Some people say that the plot is too bitter, watching people always want to cry.Some people say that the plot is too real, watching people always want to escape.”Miracle · Stupid Child” is about the life of little people, it wants to tell the audience is as long as you work hard, do not give up hope, there will be miracles.In the film, Kyung Ho’s struggle story is inspiring.At the same time, his brotherly relationship with his sister is also touching.Two lines, one narrative, one about family, the two lines complement each other, making the whole film look warm and passionate.Chan’s performance in Her first film, Wonder & Dumb Kid, can only be described as a surprise.In the movie, the scene in which Chan harim lies in Yi’s arms and cries caused many people to cry.Chen Harlin is yi Yangqianxi’s partner so far the smallest female star, the two acting is very delicate.Across the screen, looking at the appearance of the two people, the heart always feel a kind of unspeakable taste.Eight-year-old Chen’s natural acting brings to mind another eight-year-old actress, Zhang Zifeng.In 2009, zhang zifeng was just 8 years old when she starred in the emotional disaster drama Aftershock.And by virtue of the film in the “small fang Deng” role won the 31st popular film Hundred Flowers Award best newcomer award, became the award history of the youngest winner.Since then, Zhang has made her mark in show business.He successively acted in many film and television works, such as My Father is a Bench, Emotional War, Heart Art, Palace Lock aloes, My Old Classmate, and Small Separation.In particular, her roles in Take My Brother away and Detective Chinatown left a deep impression on people.Now Zhang Zifeng has become the representative of post-00s actresses. Her acting is natural and smooth.Especially when you’re playing a sad scene, it’s easier to get involved, it feels real.The movie My Sister, starring Zhang Zifeng, is about a brother-sister relationship. Coincidentally, Miracle Stupid Kids is about a brother-sister relationship.It is because of this, coupled with the same 8 years old filming, so many people say That Chen Harin will become the second Zhang Zifeng.For 8-year-old Chan, Miracle Stupid Is just the beginning. I hope to see her become a good actress like Zhang Zifeng in the future!Congratulations to Jackson Yi for becoming the first post-2000 box office winner of 10 billion yuan.After seeing “Miracle · Stupid Child” and Jackson Yi’s performance in the film, we will feel that the box office of ten billion yuan, Jackson Yi can afford it!A young man who could not express his feelings and speak in normal life became vivid in the film.I have to say, Jackson Yi is a natural actor.# New Year’s Diary #