Yangquan city to carry out food production enterprises open commitment activities

2022-06-20 0 By

Recently, Yangquan City market supervision bureau to carry out food production enterprises “improve food quality, enterprise public commitment” activities, aimed at urging food production enterprises to implement the main responsibility for safety, prevent food safety incidents.The first batch of 83 food production enterprises, such as Yangquan Jiuzhou Xiang, Jinmother-in-law, Yunge Meat Products, Pastoral dairy, sanlai and so on, publicly promised to provide high quality, safe and healthy food for the majority of consumers.Food production enterprises publicly committed to the requirements of the activity, the main person in charge of the enterprise is the “first responsible person” for food safety, to lead the enterprise to strictly implement food safety laws and regulations and food safety standards.Food production enterprises should strictly implement the inspection system of raw and auxiliary materials into the factory, and strictly examine the qualifications of raw and auxiliary materials suppliers;To strictly implement the production process quality control, determine the production critical control points;To strengthen food safety self-inspection, and timely submission of food safety self-inspection report to the local regulatory authorities;Training and assessment of employees shall be strengthened. Those who do not have the ability of food safety management after assessment shall not be allowed to take up posts.In addition, the pledge also requires enterprises to strengthen the construction of food safety traceability system, to ensure that the whole process of food production can be traced;Meat products, dairy products, liquor, food additives and other key product manufacturers should adopt information means to establish and improve the food safety traceability system.Food is the life of the people, food to safety first.The person in charge of the food production enterprise who signed the letter of commitment said that the public commitment activity “exposed” the corporate responsibility, “bright” the enterprise commitment, will play a typical exemplary role, consciously accept the supervision of law, public opinion and social supervision.The relevant person in charge of The Market supervision Bureau of Yangquan city introduced that the development of the activity made the enterprise realize the transformation from “want me to do” to “I want to do”.The next step will be to strengthen daily supervision, expand the scope of the subject of public commitment in an orderly manner, and constantly improve the enthusiasm of all kinds of food production enterprises to participate in activities, so that public commitment becomes a conscious action of enterprises and wins the trust of the people with high-quality products.Zhang Quandong hu Yongliang source: Yangquan Daily