There are 6 famous scenic spots in Tieling city, Liaoning Province. Do you know what other famous scenic spots there are

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Lotus Lake Wetland Park Located in the northern suburb of Tieling New Town, lotus Lake Wetland Park mainly consists of four parts: Deshengtai Reservoir, Pentagonal Lake, Dalian Gun and Sino-Korean Friendship Reservoir.Historically, the lianhua Lake marsh was surrounded by water on three sides, with liao River in the west, Chai River in the north and Fan River in the south.And waterfowl, it is characterized by a strong northeast cultural landscape.Park water landscape, biological landscape, meteorological landscape and folk landscape is very rich.The main water landscape of Lotus Lake Wetland Park is wetland, tidal level, water surface, river fluctuation and water dike.Lianhua Lake marsh water is huge, misty, surrounded by water, quietly flowing, atmosphere and beauty in one, creating a unique wetland ecological hometown.It has become a paradise for waterbirds, where dozens of species of birds live and multiply, and dozens of hectares of pampas grass stretch in the rippling blue waves.Another unique aquatic feature of lotus Lake Wetland Park is located in the bubble zone of the river.It is surrounded by rivers, land and water, and has wide views, reed marshes and catnip.In spring, summer and autumn, the reed cat swayed in the wind and the boat swam in.Longshou Mountain is located in Yinzhou District, Tieling City, 1km east of Tieling City.Mountains from north to south, winding to the magnificent East Liao River, like the head of the dragon entrenched in the liao river.Named Longshou Mountain.The mountain terraces are elegant and lush with vegetation.Dragon Head Mountain has many myths and legends that make it even more mysterious and lewd.The hills and valleys were covered with colorful roses and the intoxicating fragrance of flowers floated in the wind.It’s beautiful in spring and more elegant in autumn.The cool autumn wind blows the red maple leaves in the mountains, and there are many tourists in the dense trees.Longshoushan magnificent natural and cultural scenery, the ancient Ciqing Temple is located in the north end of longshoushan peak.In front of the courtyard there are two half-wall pavilion and plain cloud pavilion.Xiufeng Temple pagoda is located 100 meters south of Ciqing Temple.It is an octagonal pagoda made of nine layers of solid, dense cornice bricks.The pagoda has brick Buddhas and shrines.Xiufeng temple tower for the north of the Tao Ran Pavilion, the south for dicui Pavilion, Dicui Pavilion south for Kuixing Floor.There are more than 30 scenic spots on Longshou Mountain, such as Kuixing Tower, Four Kings Pavilion, Platform Building, Premier Zhou’s poem monument, Xixin Pavilion and so on.Yingang Academy is located in Museum Lane, Yinzhou District, Tieling City.It is the only surviving academy in northeast China.Kant First Academy, one of the five famous schools in the Qing Dynasty.The academy was founded in 1658 by Hao Yu, a native of Tieling in the Qing Dynasty.”The first place for education” has trained many talents.This is where Premier Zhou Enlai entered primary school.Yingang Academy is a typical northern siheyuan.The three main rooms of the Upper house are wenchang Palace.Documents and artifacts related to the history of Silver Hill College are on display.In front of the door is guangxu sixteen years carved stone table.On the east side is the “History of Silver Harbor College, Donated funds for the Construction of Ramadan” tablet, the tablet is “College into the Book”.It is a rare catalogue of ancient stone carvings in China, and has been recorded in the annals of the National Library of China, which is a rare treasure.On the west side is the Inscription of Yingang Academy.Tieling Museum is located on Wenhua Road, Yinzhou District, Tieling City.It was established in 1986.The main building is an exhibition hall with three floors above ground and one floor below ground.The exhibition building has four exhibition halls, covering an area of about 4,000 square meters.The museum has a collection of more than 5,000 pieces, most of which are cultural relics found in northern Liaoning Province, including bronze battle-axes of shang and Zhou Dynasties, holloweout bronze plaques and epitaphs of western Han Dynasty.Xiao Yi, prime minister of the Late Liao Bei Fu.The Mingyue Temple is located in Gucheng Street, Tiaobingshan City, Tieling Prefecture. With beautiful scenery and magnificent architecture, it is the largest Buddhist shrine in northeast China.In front of the temple is a large swimming pool with three arch Bridges.Dozens of pines, cypresses, red maples, walnuts, cloves, brambles, water wax and other trees surrounded the grand palace.The whole temple is clean and solemn, elegant and quiet.Mingyue temple by the gate, tianwang Dian, Mahaongbadian, Guanyin dian, dizangdian, zushidian, Jialan dian, dharma dian, wuguan Dian (zhai Dian), Prajna lecture hall, Buddha singing hall, monks, secular forest composition and a new nine-storey ten thousand Buddha glass tower.The relics of Buddha bones, ten thousand Buddha statues and Mahayana sutras are kept in the pagoda.Chengzi Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Liangquan, Xifeng County, Tieling.For more than 2,000 years, it has been known for its Rocky Mountain towns.”The city in the mountains, the city in the mountains” has become the main scenic spot of the ancient city, linhai and historic sites are integrated into one.The beautiful chengzishan Deep gully is the well-preserved ruins of the Ancient City of Koguryo in the Tang Dynasty, including the ancient city wall, reservoir, yellow wine house, Dianjiang platform, racecourse and so on.