Hunan is popular in a small number of scenic spots, beautiful scenery, as a 5A ticket is only 5 yuan

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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of China’s economic level, people’s pursuit of spiritual life is becoming higher and higher. Many friends will choose to travel for relaxation in their daily leisure, so China’s tourism industry has also been booming.However, with the continuous warming of tourism, many niche tourist attractions have gradually come into our sight.Today xiaobian for you to introduce, is a popular minority tourist scenic spot in Hunan, it has beautiful scenery and many scenic spots, as a 5A ticket only 5 yuan, the tourist scenic spot is located in Yueyang Junshan Park.It may be the first time for many of you to hear this name. Junshan Park is located in the east Dongting Lake, 12 kilometers southwest of Yueyang City, facing the famous Yueyang Tower. It is a historical scenic spot covering 0.96 ordinary kilometers.The origin of Junshan can be traced back to more than 4,000 years ago. At that time, junshan was once the ninth blessed cave of Taoism in China. In the later period, the beautiful natural scenery here attracted numerous writers and calligrapher to gather here.Famous poets li Bai, Du Fu, Huang Tingjian, Liu Yuxi, Xin Qiji and Zhang Zhidong all mentioned poems here, and we can still see those poems today.In addition to those famous poems, there are many historical sites in the scenic area, such as the tomb of the second Concubine.The tombs of the two concubines of Shun in ancient times are the two concubines of Shun in ancient times. At that time, when Shun was making a tour to the south, the two concubines of Shun heard that Shun was assassinated on the journey, so they were heartbroken and depressed all day long. Soon after, the two concubines died of depression and were buried in the east side of the mountain.In addition, of course, bouquet of scenic spot pavilion, LangYinTing, FeiLaiZhong, LiuYiJing these attractions are worth a visit, if you are interested, might as well to this experience personally, so many attractions, you just need to spend 5 yuan, the price of this, many scenic spots in our country is rare indeed.Audience, do you have any other thoughts about Junshan Park?Welcome to reply in the comment area!Among China’s second-tier cities, it is the “king”, ranking higher than the provincial capital. Shandong spent 18 billion yuan to build a tourist attraction, but it was “forgotten” after only three months of opening.