How deep is Wu Yueniang’s scheming in Jin Ping Mei?

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“Every man has his faults.”People are short board, Ximen Qing machine deep treacherous, well versed in the way of officialdom, qinghe county is the most famous “broker”.Up to Tai Shi CAI, down to qinghe county government have a friendship, he did not place the uneven lawsuit.But when Wu Dalang came to catch the rape, he was scared to hide under the bed.Or Pan Jinlian remind, he kicked wu Dalang kick down, fled.After receiving zhai’s letter, Xi Menqing was so anxious that he forgot the matter entrusted by Zhai’s housekeeper because he was promoted to a higher position and his son was a month old.At this time wife Wu Yueniang thought of a “delaying tactics”, just will the matter satisfactorily solved.Wu yueniang, who seems taciturn and slow to react, is the best in the book.After Pan Jinlian takes the door, showed fox tail very quickly, besides with Wu Yueniang produce quarrel outside, she still sow discord, the estrangement that lets Xi Menqing and Wu Yueniang make deeper more.Wu Yueniang see recruit open recruit, “snow night prayer” sang a “bitter drama”, so that The West Door qing was moved.Not only such, she still arranged beside Pan Jinlian “undercover”, will Xi Menqing be in the dynamic of Pan Jinlian boudoir probe crystal clear.The next dramatic scene happened, Wu Yueniang with his concubines in the garden swing, watching Pan Jinlian smile happily, serious she told a childhood swing story.The daughter of zhou Taiguan, her playmate, fell off the swing because she laughed and “grabbed her body with joy”. Later, she was rejected by her in-laws when she got married.The speaker is careless, the listener is intentional.Except for her and Simon elder sister present, the rest are not girls married.The Wu Yueniang that flaunt feudal ethical doctrine everywhere did a strange thing again, wait for son-in-law Chen Jingji to be out of date from garden side road, she lets Chen Jingji push pan Jinlian and Li Bottle son unexpectedly swing.Feudal ethics of men and women are not close, Pan Jinlian and Li Pinger is a mother-in-law, Chen Jingji is only a few years older than.Chen Jingji just came to the home of refuge, “not call dare not enter the central hall”, is Also Wu Yueniang on his own, please him into the room, take food and wine reward, also let him meet with the women.When the servant announced ximen Qing home, she quickly let the servant girl led Chen Jingji from the small door, so do of course is afraid of Ximen Qing see.Some time Wu Yueniang and a few concubines, Pan grandma, wu 妗子 in li bottle son room to drink, when Ximen Qing came in, she was present on the grounds of female relatives, sent Ximen Qing hurried away.So abide by feudal ethics why she will Chen Jingji into the inner room, still let Chen Jingji push Pan Jinlian, Li Bottle son swing, the purpose has only one, let Pan Jinlian and Chen Jingji get a little story.Because before this, pan Jinlian had let Xi Menqing hit because of the reason of private life indiscreetly.Wu Yueniang endure Pan Jinlian too long, Xi Menqing had no son at that time, but also in front of his son-in-law Chen Jingji said after his death property to him.If Chen jingji and Pan Jinlian have a story, it can kill two birds with one stone.It is also her “lead the Wolf into the house”, Chen Jingji and Pan Jinlian as expected made a scandal, two people both were driven out of the house.But what Wu Yueniang did not expect was that Ximen Qing died a few years later and gave birth to his son.In real life, real masters are often silent and dumb, and it’s easy to fool people into thinking they’re slow.