Word-of-mouth box office is not proportional, Yi Yangqianxi’s “Miracle, Stupid Boy” is underrated

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In 2022, Jackson Yi’s success in film reached a new level, when he made two films during the Spring Festival alone.Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake and Wonder stupid Boy, one big box office, one big word of mouth.”Watergate Bridge” has been the no. 1 movie at the box office.Among the top three films at the box office, “Wonder: Stupid Kids” has the highest word-of-mouth rating (according to Douban), with a score of 7.4, 0.2 higher than “Watergate Bridge”. More than 92% of netizens give “Maoyan” five stars.Based on that word-of-mouth, Wonder Dumb Should be on par with, if not close to, watergate Bridge.As it turned out, the film came in third at the box office, nearly $1 billion behind The Professional.Why is word of mouth out of proportion to box office?Three reasons make it suffer.One is that audiences don’t want to cry after watching Watergate Bridge.Many Internet users saw the leaked video of Yi yangqixi dressed as a maintenance worker, gaunt, being bullied, and his sister with congenital heart disease, and imagined the film to be quite tearful.A lot of people have seen “Watergate bridge”, because Wu Qianli offline and cry to no line, and then see a let a person “cry” of the film, this is not to find their own abuse?Second, the film has only Jackson Yi in the lead role.In most good movies, there are two or more leading actors, because there are more leading actors to avoid a monotonous story.Just like in “The Killer is not too calm”, if only Ma Li, no Wei Xiang, the movie will be less funny, and vice versa.While “Miracle stupid Boy” focuses on The story of Jing Ho, it’s hard to imagine Jackson Yi performing any kind of flower.Third, the small actor lens many.In the trailer for the film, there are plenty of scenes of Harlin Chen, a cute young actress who is often questioned as “she may not be able to play well” due to her young age.After all, even talented young actors with acting experience can’t compete with adults.It is these three reasons, let box office slow up.But in fact, the netizens worry about these problems, in the film does not exist.It’s a good tear-jerker, but the jokes are just as dense.Xu Juncong, played by Zhang Chao, is an artist in the “big bowl of entertainment”. He can play with Jia Ling and has some “funny” ability.Xu Juncong has played a lot of sketches, comedy is his strong point, it can be said that where he is, there is joy.In “miracle · stupid child” in, he gives play to comedic talent, say to want jing Hao (Yi Yangqian Xi is acted the role of) turn son, the result does not turn son understand, beer is spurted out by him.After watching the movie, the audience will not feel depressed, but feel relaxed and happy after crying and laughing.Although the film only yi Yangqianxi as the leading actor, but the story is not monotonous, many office workers can find their own shadow in Jing Ho.It is said that everything is difficult before it begins. Jing Hao enters the early stage of the society and is bullied by people, and then meets dignitaries. As he becomes a successful person from repeated frustration, the mood of the audience also follows from distressed to joy, and the change is uncertain.In addition to the film’s growth history, there are touching brother-sister love.Heart attack sister and spoil brother this line, really warm the hearts of countless people.Jing Hao is not good temper, for the people who find him trouble, he is not polite, roar from people to show a ruthless strength.Can be in the face of her sister, look at her eyes are smiling, speak softly, it is the body of all the gentle sister a person.Although the film did not arrange a girlfriend for Jingho, but the mutual healing of brother-sister love, rather than love love better kowtow.Of course, the brother-sister affection can move people, in addition to Yi Yangqianxi played well, Chen Harin played sister also has a lot of credit.She may not have much acting experience, but when it comes to jing Tong, no one is more qualified than her.Chen Harin is less than ten years old and has the innocence of a child of Jing Tong’s age.When she talked about the crying technique offline, thinking about something sad, a nearby actor asked her: “What makes you sad?”She is not willing to tell her heart to others, but she does not make it up, and will not like adult stars, do not want to say back and forth “tai Chi”, but directly said: “I will not tell you.”With her childish little face and childish way of speaking, she is a lovely and wise child just like Jing Tong.Such a likable Harlene Chan, even a better actor couldn’t have done it better.Instead of being a drag on the plot, the little girl’s appearance has become a highlight of the film.Those who have seen the film know that there are no so-called flaws in the film, but those who have not, looking at the box office, it is easy to misunderstand that the film is not worth going to the cinema to see, which leads to the phenomenon that the box office is not proportional to the word of mouth.The more the box office fails, the more the film is distrusted, and the less momentum it has.So don’t be fooled by the box office, Internet users. Wonder Dumb Kids is a great movie, but it’s underrated right now.