The container fish raising project in the national modern agricultural Park in yongqiao district, Anhui province has preliminarily reached an intention

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Recently, li Qingming, the business manager of Guangzhou Guanxing Agricultural Science and Technology Co., LTD., came to the administrative committee of the nearest modern agriculture Demonstration area in Anhui province to inspect the investment.The nearest modernized agricultural industrial park in the nearest bridge area will provide enterprises with quality and green services, and build a modernized agricultural park that can be integrated with industries and suitable for living and doing business.The expedition will be introduced to the park in guangdong fish farming technology, fully meet park agricultural planning and construction, accelerate 埇 bridge in Yangtze river delta in an all-round way.Guangzhou Guanxing Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a fish farming enterprise with “container + ecological pond” tail water efficient treatment technology mode.Container fish farming is a kind of continuous and three-dimensional intensive farming method, which is an efficient aquaculture system with characteristics of circulating water and high-density controlled farming.It integrates economic, ecological and social benefits, and has become a new model for green development, transformation and upgrading of fishery industry and poverty alleviation.Under the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of fish, the technology can realize clean production and zero pollution without sewage discharge to the environment. Because of centralized breeding, the cost is saved and the output is improved.Each container fish accounted for only 15 square meters, has successfully tried to raise the tilapia, the shark, four people fish, such as varieties, production capacity can reach 5 tons per box, breeding prospects for a good, can provide some jobs for residents, farmers began to skilled industrial workers’ transformation, promote the development of rural revitalization.Zhang Mei, director of the park, accompanied the site selection inspection and had a meeting in the conference room on the second floor of the park after the inspection.Li Qingming first introduced the development status of the enterprise, successful breeding cases and land demand.Zhang Mei introduced in detail the advantages of fast and convenient transportation, strong scientific research and perfect preferential policies, and proposed that the park would provide the best service and the most preferential tax policies.Through communication, the two sides have preliminarily reached the project intention of building a digital, intelligent and informationized modern ecological fishery industrial park to realize the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries such as ecological breeding, green planting, aquatic product processing and leisure experience.(Reporter Wu Hao correspondent Feng Shuai)