New Year walk grassroots | Dongying Honggang Hospital emergency Department: For life shousui obligatory

2022-06-19 0 By

For Chinese people, Spring Festival is a time for family reunion. The whole family sits together, eats dinner, chats and watches the Spring Festival Gala. Everything is harmonious and warm.However, there is a group of emergency patients, they for the shoulder heavy responsibility, silently stick to the post of saving people.In their eyes, the Spring Festival is the same as other days, for life is obligatory.For Ma Chundong, deputy director of the emergency department at Dongying Honggang Hospital, this Spring Festival is no different from any other year.Having been engaged in emergency work for more than 10 years, he still sticks to his post together with his colleagues during the Spring Festival.The day in the emergency department always begins “busy” and ends “tired”.One second may be calm, the next second will be rough, racing against time has become their normal life.When one patient after another through treatment and safety, this kind of professional sense of achievement is nothing comparable.”During the Spring Festival, our emergency team will always stick to their posts to protect the health of dongying residents!”Ma Chundong told reporters.