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Time goes by, never stop, inadvertently, 2022 winter vacation is coming to an end, the new semester is coming.What events are happening each month in the New Year?For the convenience of the majority of high school students know the future in advance, prepare for the exam as soon as possible.After 20 years of development, Beida College Entrance Examination repeat school has become a well-known institution in Beijing.Also is the college entrance examination high score examinee first college entrance examination resumes school.In 2022, the college entrance examination will return to Beijing full-time courses and become the first examinee to return to Beijing.According to the monthly events of 2021, Beida College Entrance Examination Repeat School will sort out the monthly events of the new semester in 2022.It is recommended to read carefully, forward and collect.The year 2022 is the third year of the implementation of the “strong Base plan”, and many universities are carrying out “strong base plan” recruitment.Starting from early April, pilot universities will release the annual enrollment guidelines for the strong basic plan.Candidates can pay attention to the sunshine college Entrance Examination website related information, according to the requirements of the university brochure, complete the registration on time, and submit the relevant application materials.2 provincial recruitment regulations announced in succession from March to May each province recruitment work regulations will be released.Candidates and parents should pay attention to the examination organization, voluntary application, admission management and other detailed regulations.According to the policy issued by the Ministry of Education, online registration for the strong foundation program will be launched in early April. Candidates who meet the requirements of the examination can apply for the program according to the requirements of the university brochure.Application for special Programs of colleges and universities should be completed before the end of April.5. Registration for comprehensive evaluation starts from February to May, the enrollment of comprehensive evaluation colleges and universities in various provinces and cities starts one after another. The time varies in different regions, and the enrollment time of colleges and universities in the same region is relatively concentrated.For example, the registration of colleges and universities in Jiangsu is concentrated in late April and early May.In Shandong province, college registration is concentrated in early May;The enrollment of colleges and universities in Shanghai is concentrated in the middle and late may.The time span of colleges and universities in Guangdong is larger, from March to the end of May.In May, colleges and universities will release their rules of admission for the year.Enrollment rules are an important way for examinees to know the enrollment information and admission rules of colleges and universities, as well as an important basis for students to fill in their applications. Examinees and parents should read them carefully.Some colleges and universities will hold recruitment consultation meetings and campus open days in May, which are generally arranged on weekends.Candidates and their parents can choose to participate, and they can get detailed information from the college consultation meeting.3. Recruitment of Military academies, Publicly funded Normal University students and Free medical Students In May, relevant policies on recruitment of military academies, publicly funded Normal University students and free medical students were introduced.In June 2022, the most important thing is the college entrance examination.The 2022 national college Entrance Exam will be held from June 7 to 9 in eight newly reformed provinces, requiring students to prepare in advance and take the exam on time.5 comprehensive evaluation examination college comprehensive evaluation examination is concentrated after the college entrance examination before giving cent, general from June 11 – before June 20.Of course, the college of same area, exam time is general height “crash”, examinee can attend 1-2 colleges and universities to take an exam only commonly.After the announcement of the college entrance examination, the provinces have announced the scores of the college entrance examination and the admission control scores of various batches. Candidates should pay attention to and inquire in time and prepare for the voluntary application.In June, the consulting activities in all provinces and universities entered the peak period.The Online Consultation Week of National College Enrollment by the Ministry of Education is also usually launched in June, but due to the impact of the epidemic this year, the activity may be advanced or the activity cycle will be longer, so students and their parents can continue to pay attention to the latest news of colleges and universities.According to the policy issued by the Ministry of Education, the college entrance examination for the strong Foundation plan will be held after the results of the college entrance examination are released.The pilot colleges and universities will organize college examinations (including written tests and interviews) and sports tests for the candidates.Generally in late June to early July.At present, all provinces fill in the application form after the examination.Candidates can timely pay attention to the relevant policies and time arrangements of the province to fill in the volunteer, combined with the examination materials issued by the provinces, fill in the volunteer reasonably.10 Military examination candidates for military colleges and universities should attend political examination, military examination and interview on time according to the corresponding arrangements announced by the provincial admission office.According to the process of provincial college entrance examination in previous years, the college entrance examination will be fully launched in July. Various batches of voluntary application and admission work will be carried out one after another. You can timely inquire the admission results according to the process of provincial college entrance examination.2 Undergraduate solicitation voluntary solicitation voluntary time is very short, not admitted but meet the corresponding conditions of the candidates can pay close attention to the information released by the provincial admission office, focus on the arrangement of voluntary solicitation, seize the opportunity of each batch of voluntary solicitation.Since July, the provinces and cities began to fill in the vocational college (junior college) batch of volunteers.4 Admission Notice After each batch of admission, the university will send a notice.The admission notice will be sent to the candidates together with the registration instructions, funding policies and other relevant materials.Parents of examinees should learn to distinguish between real and false notices to avoid being cheated.College entrance examination is a period of high incidence of fraud cases, students and parents should be vigilant, beware of fraud.If you are admitted, you can prepare your luggage for entering the university campus in advance. It is recommended to take some necessary items with you first, and then slowly add other items after you are familiar with the environment.From July to August, candidates selected for the national team will represent China in international Olympic events in five disciplines.These students are selected from the training team.At the beginning of August, Tsinghua University released the enrollment guidelines for the new leadership in 2021, which will be released in 4 batches.The same time frame is predicted for 2022.The new semester starts in September, and students in the class of 2023 have officially become senior high school students.Must pay attention to psychologically, the rhythm of life and study should follow up compact, work and rest time should be adjusted.At the same time, do not feel too much pressure, normal heart, one strength, high school is so over.Another round of reviews ran from September to February.In the early stage of a round of review, there are often new lessons to speak and new knowledge to learn. Students should sort out knowledge points and consolidate the foundation.All kinds of competitions, autumn camps and youth classes are very lively in September and October every year. There are not only Teachers’ Day, but also Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. The most important thing for the competition party is that the three major competitions in mathematics, physics and chemistry are basically held in September.The preliminary informatics competition will be held in mid-October. Candidates who have studied and prepared for informatics competition in advance still have the opportunity to register for it.Around the National Day every year, Peking University and Tsinghua university will release the recruitment brochure for the Golden Autumn Camp (now renamed as exploratory activities). In previous years, North Qingqing university issued the brochure at the end of September, and the registration time is often only one week.Parents and candidates need to prepare for registration during the National Day holiday.In addition, every year in the middle of September, the University of Science and Technology of China will release the enrollment brochure for the young class and the little creation class. The students with outstanding comprehensive results or outstanding competition results and age in line with the requirements of senior one and two students can pay more attention to them. No matter how the final results are, they can feel the college entrance examination and college independent selection in advance.Every Year from September to October, the Navy, air Force and civil aviation recruitment will start the recruitment work, interested candidates can pay attention to the official recruitment guidelines and notices from relevant departments, but also pay attention to the latest news of the college entrance examination through train.In late September, Pku released the recruitment guidelines for the Mathematics Elite class, which mainly recruits students with mathematical gold MEDALS.The enrolled students are admitted to the “mathematics” major, and are not allowed to transfer to other majors during undergraduate study.According to the registration time of each province in 2020, registration for most provinces and cities will start in November, some in December, and some in late October.Candidates should log in the website of education Examination institute within the specified time to register.Candidates and parents can also understand the latest information of each province through the latest news of the Provincial recruitment office of Sunshine College Entrance Examination and the dynamic columns of provinces and cities. They can also log in the local station of Sunshine College Entrance Examination to understand the information of a province.For examinees in Shanghai, you can log in to Shanghai station to learn about local college entrance examination information.In early November, Tsinghua university released the recruitment guidelines for its Mathematics Elite class. According to previous years, it mainly recruits students for the Mathematics Olympiad, and the main target is gold and silver medalists.It plans to recruit 30 people.Enrolled students are admitted to the major of “Mathematics and Applied Mathematics” and are not allowed to transfer to other majors during undergraduate study.3 arts and physical class unified examination time announced November – December provincial education examination institute will announce arts and physical class unified examination time, the examination is generally in December – early January.From the end of November, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Hong Kong University, Xiamen University, Tianda University, Nankai University, South University of Science and Technology and other universities will release the winter camp enrollment guidelines, students can focus on 2023.CCFNOIP Semi-finals are usually held in the middle of November in each division.The NOI provincial organizing unit will determine the participants for the semi-finals based on the preliminary results.Players who did not participate in the preliminary competition are not eligible to participate in the semi-finals;Registration and registration are carried out on the Internet for the semi-finals. The contestants who fail to register on the Internet will not be qualified for the semi-finals.The finals of mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are usually held in November, and the finals of physics are held at the end of October.The most important top banquet of The Olympic Games is coming, the best students with outstanding performance in the country gather together, tsinghua university, Peking University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and many other famous universities will also appear in the final scene.Students who win gold and silver MEDALS in the final usually have the chance to sign a contract with North Chungcheong Province, and other students also have the chance to sign a contract with other universities.Students who are interested in applying for admission to universities in Hong Kong and Macao should apply on the university’s official website.The enrollment guidelines for 2022 recommended students are expected to be released in December. The recommended students can be divided into the following categories: first, they are recommended by 16 foreign language schools; second, they are candidates of national training teams for competitions in five disciplines; third, they are outstanding retired athletes; and fourth, they are children of heroes of public security.Recommendation sends major and examinee to enter college path correlation, the examinee that accords with the condition can focus attention.From the end of December to the beginning of January, the final exams will be held in various provinces and cities one after another. Students should seize the time to check and fill in the gaps and consolidate their knowledge.Pay attention to beida see education, more information and questions of the college entrance examination click to read the original text, free access to the college entrance examination model two model high school competition and strong foundation questions.