A man kisses his baby through the car window with his eyes full of love

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Article: Wood zi column (original is not easy, please do not copy, misuse will be the subject of investigation) as the saying goes “separated generation close”, means that grandparents see grandchildren, than the child’s parents to the child are close, love more, this sentence, really makes sense.Many grandparents are like this. They are fond of their grandchildren and are not willing to beat or scold them. Sometimes their children teach their grandchildren.In fact, from the scientific and family explanation, this phenomenon makes sense, because, in the eyes of the old people, that little cute baby, is simply a copy of their children when they were young ah, they just, the love for their children, re-injected into the next generation of children.A netizen posted a video on Jan 29 in Jilin province, saying that he had come back from other places to accompany his parents during the Spring Festival. It was a very touching moment for parents to see their baby.The picture shows that this is an ordinary farmyard, although it is a cold winter, but the bright sun sprinkles the whole yard, it is very bright, the courtyard corner, against the wall there is a pile of neat wood, a look at this family is hard-working simple farmer’s family.A middle-aged man in his 50s, beaming with happiness, half stooped, hands outstretched, greeted his loved ones in front of him in a black car, followed by his wife and a white-haired old man, who should be his old mother.At this time, the picture turned, I saw grandpa hands hold the door, stretched out to kiss the window, a lovely chubby baby hand, waving in the window, grandpa is kissing his baby grandson across the window.Grandpa and grandson go both ways to the car window, you can clearly see a cute baby wearing a hat, wearing a blue jumpsuit, he opened his mouth, happy smile to greet grandpa, adorable, let a person very much like.This is a two-way rush, it seems that the baby and grandpa are very familiar with, and there is no strange feeling, until grandpa into the arms, the child is laughing happily.Grandpa is holding the baby, it is really love the feeling, want to close and do not know how to express, only know silly silly music.When netizens saw this scene, they were moved by the pair, but also praised grandpa for being a dainty person.There was a daughter-in-law who joked online that her parents-in-law did not pay attention to hygiene and did not care about the epidemic. When holding their children, they often kissed their children, fearing that there would be infectious diseases or viruses to their children, and she was very angry about this.Thus it can be seen that the northeast grandpa, really is a reasonable, and pay attention to the old man, he saw the baby grandson of that a moment, nature is to love, and don’t know how to express, want to kiss the child, and have to worry about her daughter-in-law abandon, or adverse to the baby, so, just across the window to kiss baby, take this opportunity to express their inner feelings of joy and love.In fact, from the living conditions of grandpa’s house, as well as their family clothes can also be seen, grandpa and grandma are hard-working, and love clean people, although they wear simple, but very clean, very particular about the baby is also from the heart really like and love.Many netizens expressed envy and said, this is someone else’s grandpa, such a child is really happy, his own child, grandpa has never seen so close.Net friend small grape said, this grandpa is really rare child, which is like my grandparents, the car stopped to move things in the trunk, move that call a joy!Some netizens said, “This is the real meaning of going home for the Spring Festival. What does an old man want, but to have a family full of children and grandchildren?”Some netizens joked that the family’s chickens, ducks and geese would start shivering when the baby grandson arrived.Yes, with such a lovely baby, grandpa and grandma have to think of ways to change, do well for the child?As a matter of fact, this is what ordinary people are pursuing for a happy life. We do not seek great wealth and wealth, nor do we seek gold and silver mountains, but as long as the family is safe and healthy and often reunited, this is the greatest happiness and peace of mind.Want to know more exciting content, pay attention to the wood purple column