“Weibo night” annual popular works out, have to admit that high flow is king

2022-06-18 0 By

On January 27, the annual Weibo Night announced the 2021 annual popularity honor list. As an annual weibo night that selects outstanding works and artists, it is also very influential.Although there is no actual award, being on the list can prove that the work is very good.In this weibo night honor list, there are a total of six sections, respectively, the annual popular movie, the annual popular drama, the annual popular variety, the annual popular music works, the annual popular performance and the annual popular e-sports club.You can also see that each section has the word “popularity”, which means that these works, variety shows and movies are the most popular in their respective sections.First, let’s take a look at the most popular films of the year. The winners are “Chojin Lake”, “Peak Explosion” and “Antiques Bureau”, not to mention “Chojin Lake”. As the highest-grossing film, “Chojin Lake” deserves to be listed.As for “peak explosion”, “antique bureau in the bureau” are also very good word of mouth and results, can list is excusable.The most controversial should be the most popular drama of the year, the winners are respectively xiao Zhan, Wu Xuanyi starring “Douluo mainland”, Yang Zi, Jing Boran starring “female psychological teacher” and Zhao Liying, Wang Yibo starring “Have a fei”, why would say the controversy is so big?You should notice that the stars of these three shows are all the top stars of the year.In particular, Xiao Zhan is in a hot mess with Chen Qing Ling, starring in Duluo Mainland, although the word of mouth is not very good, but the audience rating is as high as 5.6 billion, half of the credit should be attributed to Xiao Zhan.The influence of top stars is really too big, many netizens feel that it is deserved, but many netizens think that this list is a joke, the strength can not get on, no acting but get awards.When some netizens saw the list, they called the end of domestic entertainment. Some plays, works and performances are of no standard, but they are piled up on the list by the votes of fans. What’s the meaning of such a list?To this, the old uncle want to say that this “weibo nights” award and vote to decide whether it is able to become a popular works, whether it is a “dou luo xiao wars or yi-bo wang’s” fei “is known to be the most popular TV shows, and not what magnolia award, is a popular prize, who fire is very normal.In addition to the popular movies, dramas, and annual popular variety, respectively is “of sound out detect,”, “the thrilling offer”, “create camp 2021”, the annual popular works “light”, “little child”, and light with spring, annual sentiment performance version of “the dream of a dream” central China, limit R1SE farewell concert, family of 12 anniversary concert.All of the above works were the most popular last year, but popularity does not necessarily mean good works. It can only be said that they were loved by the audience, which is another kind of recognition.There is a reason for the award. There is no need to be bitter about it.What do you think?