Unpacking Beijing Winter Olympics media backpack, there was a “big red envelope”!

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Top news · Dahe Daily reporter Wang Weihao according to the convention of large games, media backpacks are distributed to journalists the necessary “welfare”, the Beijing Winter Olympics media backpacks are packed with what things?The first thing the video reporter of Dahe Daily did when he arrived was to open the blind box.A video of a foreign journalist carrying a media pack for the 2008 Beijing Olympics has gone viral on the Internet as journalists from around the world gather in Beijing.The 64-year-old foreign journalist has been carrying the media bag ever since he came to Beijing 14 years ago to cover the Olympics, and netizens have presented him with Eason chan’s song: “Your backpack still doesn’t wear out.”The Beijing Winter Olympics, foreign brother with Beijing Olympic Media pack, and successfully got a Beijing Winter Olympics media pack.After arriving at the main media center, the video reporter of Dahe Daily and Yu received a coveted media package at the reception desk.The black backpack is full of capacity, function and lightness to meet the daily use of journalists, and it is filled with consideration for the Beijing Winter Olympics journalists.Inside is a special New Year gift — two Beijing Winter Olympics badges, window cuts and Chinese knots in the image of Bing Dwen Dwen.Keep digging through your backpack, media book, USB converter jack, notepad, thermos cup, and everything you need for your job.The warmest was a scarf and a hat that kept reporters out of the cold in sub-zero temperatures.From 2008 to 2022, media packs made in China will continue to accompany journalists from around the world to witness history during the Summer and Winter Olympics.